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Frequently Asked Questions

How many individual, one-on-one therapy sessions are provided each week of treatment and by whom?

At Miramar, our clients receive a minimum of 3-4 individual, one-on-one therapy sessions each week with a Master’s level or PhD. level therapist. In these private, safe, and confidential sessions, our clients are able to discuss and address any past or current traumatic, abusive, shameful, hurtful or otherwise events or circumstances that are too sensitive and personal to discuss in any other setting. We provide significant Psychotherapy by our experienced, licensed professional team, in order to fully uncover and resolve the underlying psychological issues that so often cause addiction.

What is the make up of the treatment staff and what are their credentials?

Miramar’s clinical staff is the finest in the treatment industry, comprised of an independent Psychiatrist (MD), an independent Addictionologist (MD), an independent Integrative Physician (MD), psychologists (PsyD), masters level therapists (LMFT), a Registered Dietitian (RD), and certified addiction counselors, among other treatment professionals. We also have two chefs, who provide exceptional, high-end cuisine.

What is the assessment and evaluation process that determines each client’s individualized treatment plan?

Upon admission, each of our clients is evaluated and assessed by our treatment team, consisting of one of our consulting physicians who conducts a thorough medical history/physical, including blood chemistry analysis, a biological-psychological-social evaluation with a licensed therapists/psychologist, and when appropriate, a psychiatric evaluation with our consulting psychiatrist (MD). The team utilizes the results of these assessments and evaluations to create a completely individualized treatment plan for each client, which is then implemented and revised throughout the entire treatment process.

What adjunct therapies and other activities are included in treatment?

We have found that adjunctive therapies, as well as enjoyable physical activities are a beneficial and enjoyable compliment to the individual psychotherapy and education we provide. Included in our treatment cost are the following therapies/activities: • Acupuncture (2 times per week) • Massage (1 session per week) • Beach walking and beach activities (several times per week) • Gym with Yoga/Pilates/cardio machines/pool and spa/weights/nature walking (4 times per week, minimum) • Art Therapy/Pet Therapy (regularly) • Tennis/biking/other physical activities (weekly)

How much family therapy, counseling and education are provided?

We realize that there are exceptional circumstances, wherein family therapy may not be appropriate; however for most, the support of family and/or loved ones is a critical component of complete healing. For those clients who are interested, we provide a minimum of one family/loved one therapy session each week in person, when possible, and by phone conference when distance is an issue. Additionally, we provide a two-day, in person, family and/or loved one therapy/counseling/educational program, for several hours each day, at our facility for families that can attend.

What is the size of your facility and can we take a tour?

Miramar is a boutique sized, highly individualized program. We limit our enrolment to a maximum of 6 clients per residence to ensure maximum attention and privacy. We do offer private rooms, as well. We strongly encourage and welcome every potential client to tour our facility and see our treatment environment, meet the treatment team, and obtain any additional answers they might need to confirm their decision to admit to the Miramar program.

What State licenses and credentials does the facility have?

Miramar is licensed by the State of California for Primary Chemical Addiction Treatment, and on-site detoxification, in a residential inpatient setting. Every client who requires detoxification may do so on-site, under the supervision of our consulting psychiatrist or addictionologist. Our on-site detox capability creates a seamless and comfortable transition from beginning to completion of the entire treatment process.

Can we meet with or speak to the Program Director?

Our Program Director welcomes phone calls or personal meetings to answer any questions or concerns you may have, as do our consulting physicians and other therapists.

Is the cost of the program all-inclusive or are there ‘extra’ costs?

The cost of our program and all our treatment services are all-inclusive, including detoxification, individual therapy, family therapy, all adjunct activities, all meals, etc.

Will you give me opinions or advice about other treatment programs?

We do not give opinions or information about other treatment programs and we advise you to be very suspicious of anyone who does so. We know the actual facts about our own program and services better than anyone else, and we would expect the same of other treatment providers. We are confident that by asking these specific, direct questions and any others that you may have, you’ll be able to get the information you’ll need to make a proper decision.

Have all of your questions and/or concerns been fully addressed and are you completely comfortable with the answers? Are you being pressured to make a decision, immediately?

At Miramar, we encourage you to ask any and every question you may have. We pledge to thoroughly answer or address, to your satisfaction, those questions. We do not pressure you, in any way, to come to our program. We are completely confident that you will make the best choice for you, when you have all of the facts and information you need.

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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