Acknowledging the Types of addiction

When most people think of addiction, the first thing that pops into their minds is the addiction towards drugs and alcohol. But in today’s’ world, there are so so many more types of addiction that one encounters, including an addiction to television, sex, gambling, eating, and even shopping! All kinds of addictions cause damages, whether financial, social, physical or psychological.
An addiction towards something can be classified as a disorder, stemming from physical or psychological desires. A drug or alcohol addiction is a damaging one. The need for certain drugs and the severe dependence on alcohol impairs the judgment of a person, and their entire lives are by the want, use and abuse of these substances. The need is often so great that people turn to a life of crime to finance their requirements, and often end up in jails, houses of ill-repute or even institutions. Furthermore, all addictions destroy relationships, continuing the psychological damage of a person.
A person might turn to these addictive behaviors because of perhaps a social, financial or personal crisis that he or she is going through. An addict may not be able to curb their addictive behavior, despite knowing that it is harmful for not just them, but those around them. The judgment and choice regarding instant gratification and common sense is severely impaired. Drug and alcohol rehab centers are equipped to handle and provide effective methods to curb addiction in individuals. They provide various therapies, counseling, as well as medical treatments to help overcome the dependence on substances. Ample care should be taken to ensure that while recovering from on form of addiction, one doesn’t turn towards another substance or activity to fill that void in their lives, i.e. while overcoming say nicotine addiction, and many people get addicted to consuming cups upon cups of coffee in its place. That is why a dual-diagnosis treatment is preferred, where not just the question of addiction, but the very facts that made a person turn to such addictive behavior is addressed and taken care of.
To fight of the fear of relapse, one must distract oneself from situations which might trigger their cravings and impulses. Changing a person’s social situation, and engaging in mentally, and emotionally fulfilling activities like taking up yoga, or new hobbies, and volunteering and helping out in the community play a huge role in keeping a person satisfied, and helps one fill the void in their lives by inculcating healthy habits. The kinds of addictions are many, but one needs to overcome them, and the love and support of near and dear ones during those trying times is essential in helping one get back on the path of a holistic lifestyle.


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