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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Receiving quality treatment is of the utmost importance to individuals with a substance abuse disorder and their families. At Miramar Recovery, we offer many addiction programs that frequently treat individuals from across the United States. We know that when someone is trying to overcome an addiction, no distance is too great to get clean.

Our drug and alcohol rehab centers offer comprehensive, individualized treatment to ensure that each patient that enters our facilities has the best chance for success. Our team of specialists help addicted individuals deal with the mental, physical and emotional challenges associated with addiction so that they can make a full recovery that leads to a lasting life change.

Families have been able to experience drastic changes thanks to the work done by the specialists at our drug and alcohol rehab centers. If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from our treatment services, contact us today.

By undergoing addiction treatment in Newport Beach, you’ll be able to continue to see the family members who are supporting you on your recovery journey. We offer top-of-the-line addiction treatments, staffed by knowledgeable professionals, including therapists. Give us a call today to discuss some of the things we can offer.

Alcohol Rehab in Newport Beach

An Alcohol Rehab Center is an alcoholic’s best chance for a lasting recovery.

Most alcoholics cannot overcome alcoholism without professional treatment. And they often cannot beat alcohol addiction without attending an alcohol rehab center.

If an addict wants to get better — if they want to get sober and stay sober — they need the kind of help that is only offered at alcohol rehab centers. There is no more important decision an addict will ever make than seeking help at a professional treatment center. At Miramar Recovery, our addiction programs work towards creating a foundation for a substance free life.

Life at an alcohol rehab center is not easy. The rehabilitation process is almost always an arduous one. However, patients who commit themselves to getting better and participating to the fullest extend in an alcohol rehab center, should expect lasting addiction recovery.

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Patients who participate in addiction programs can ensure success of their alcohol rehab experience by understanding alcoholism, its causes and affects, as wells as the process through which is can be overcome. This learning process at an alcohol rehab center can set him or her on the path to sobriety and lasting recovery.

Alcoholics typically need to understand alcoholism in order to overcome it. When they understand alcoholism, and the deleterious effects it has on their life, they can gain a firm grasp on their condition with the expectation overcome it. Therapy, education, and motivation play a vital role in the recovery process. Before a patient gets better, they’ve got to get help from professionals who have experience in treating alcoholism.

Attendance at an alcohol rehab center is a vital step in the alcohol treatment process because alcohol addiction is a clinical disorder with clinical causes. People addicted to alcohol most often can’t beat alcoholism without attending an alcohol rehab center because alcoholism is not contingent on individual will. Addiction really isn’t a choice, and addicts can’t simply decide they want to get better. They need the help of others to overcome addiction.

Drug Rehab in Newport Beach

Participating in a drug rehab program that is easily accessible in Newport Beach is essential to lasting sobriety.   A comprehensive and supportive treatment program is crucial to maintaining the health of an individual who is recovering from a drug addiction, and has not been able to overcome their addiction issues on their own.

Rarely, is substance abuse disorder a disease that can be resolved without intensive therapy and treatment. Our addiction programs at Miramar Recovery are vital for recovering from drug abuse.If you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse, attending our Newport Beach drug rehab is the best course of action.

Miramar Recovery offers a drug addiction and dual diagnosis treatment program, where we help patients overcome chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues. We provide a comprehensive treatment program that ensures that all aspects of our patients’ health and well being are appropriately addressed.

Addiction Treatment Family Program

While there are a variety of drug rehab programs in Newport Beach there are few facilities that are able to competently treat the complexity of issues that come with substance abuse and dual diagnosis patients.

Miramar Recovery offers integrative addiction treatment, which is a unique approach to drug addiction recovery that is not found elsewhere. Our drug rehab and dual issues treatment methods are the result of years of experience in the addiction treatment industry.

Our Newport Beach addiction treatment center has pioneered an integrative approach to addiction treatment. This progressive method of healing treats the ‘whole’ person on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Evidence suggests that multiple unresolved, underlying issues are the most common cause of addictive behavior. We provide comprehensive and integrated treatments to address these imbalances, deficiencies and pathologies.  We’ve found that this approach leads to a higher degree of success in reducing the risk of relapse and giving our patients the best chance at lasting sobriety.

Our Addiction Programs

Miramar Recovery starts with a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of each client’s current state of addiction. Upon admission to the program, clients go through extensive assessments and evaluations, including: a physical and examination of their medical history; blood testing when indicated; complete psychological-social evaluation; and a psychiatric work-up, if indicated, as well.

The results of these comprehensive assessments are utilized to create a customized, detailed treatment program, which will be followed by the patient for the duration of their treatment period. The assessment findings will serve as the framework for the treatment plan.

At the Miramar Recovery, the implementation of the treatment plan from our addiction program focuses significantly on individual treatment, along with small group treatment, family treatment, and adjunctive therapies.

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Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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