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Addiction Treatment Family Program

Alcoholism and drug addiction are commonly referred to as “family diseases” because of their profoundly negative effect on the entire family. Family members and loved ones struggle to help and support the addict while witnessing their loved one continue down the path of self-destruction.  This is often a devastating process.

At Miramar Recovery we know that the recovery process can be long and difficult. Family involvement plays a complex, but important role in the healing process. Our Newport Beach family program is designed to help family and friends navigate through the addiction process. 

Long term recovery for the addict often depends on the support they will receive after they leave treatment. The involvement, understanding, and support of the family and loved ones for the person abusing alcohol or drugs is critical to lasting healing.

Feelings of helplessness, despair, anxiety, and even anger about the damage that addiction has caused are common and justified. Often alcohol and drug abuse severely damages or even completely severs family and other personal relationships. 

Sadly, the substance abuser often remains isolated and alone, even after he or she has sought help and treatment. Unresolved familial issues can prolong the cycle of addiction and lead to relapse.

A major component of every quality treatment program is the reparation of damaged or severed relationships. Our clinicians will work with the addict and the family members to restore functional and loving bonds and associations. 

This is accomplished through family education and counseling, both with the substance abuser and without. Our treatment center is able to ensure a comfortable environment for both the family and the addict. By doing this we can create an atmosphere that allows the family and addict to begin to rebuild their relationship.

Addiction Treatment Family Program

Types of Family Treatment

Included in our addiction recovery program are weekly family therapy sessions.  In them, family members and loved ones become educated on substance use disorders (SUD) and their related issues:

  • Enabling behaviors
  • Family dynamics
  • Addiction education
  • Interactive patterns
  • Sober/social support
  • Relapse prevention signs/symptoms


The purpose of our family program is to help family members gain awareness and understanding. Our desire is to educate the family so that they can learn how to best support their loved ones. An added benefit is that the family often learns to manage and improve their own lives, as well.

We have preferential relationships with local hotels to assist in accommodations for the loved ones of our clients, in order to facilitate attendance at our family program or we can conduct these sessions by Skype or phone.

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