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Gender Separate-Environment

Miramar Recovery’s addiction treatment center offers a gender-separate environment in Newport Beach. A gender-separate environment can be essential for those who are participating in addiction treatment. 

The differences between men and women are distinct, both physically and psychologically. Their struggle with substance abuse will affect them in different ways. For men and women to receive the best form of treatment, it will need to be designed with their gender in mind. 

The differences between men and women affect the rate of their dependence, what type of substance they choose to use, and how their brains respond to substance abuse. Before studies in the 1970s proved that men and women reacted differently to alcohol and drug addiction, treatment facilities were more engineered towards men. Research shows that the different biological and cultural factors of gender will influence the type of treatment they need.

gender-separate environment

Miramar Recovery Gender-Separate Environment

At our rehab center in Newport Beach, Ca, we offer individualized programs and services that are tailored to men and women. Our gender-separate environment offers our male and female clients the opportunity to receive the best care possible. Miramar Recovery understands that men and women are different, both physically and psychologically. The best form of treatment for one will not be the same for the other. 

Our treatment programs will provide long term recovery and teach life skills to help our patients after they leave our care. We believe that by offering a gender-specialized rehab, we help our male and female patients create a lasting foundation for a life free from alcohol and drugs

Men Vs. Women

Studies show that men are more likely to use illicit drugs, such as marijuana and heroin, and develop alcoholism. Women, on the other hand, tend to struggle more with abusing prescription medication. Men will usually take longer to enter into a rehab facility, whereas women will seek treatment more quickly. However, this could be because women are known to have a co-occurring disorder that involves depression or anxiety. 

Gender is also a factor in identifying a substance abuse problem. Identification is known as the first step towards recovery. How an addiction problem is detected will differ in a man and a woman. When a man is struggling with substance abuse the physical and psychological signs that will be showing include:

  • Uncontrollable anger
  • Lack of control
  • Acts of violence
  • Eating disorders
  • An issue with body image

Women can share these signs of abuse, but it is often to a lesser degree than men. Women tend to struggle more with depression and anxiety, which is why they turn to drugs and alcohol. Studies reveal that women will turn to substance abuse for reasons such as:

  • The desire to control weight
  • Fighting exhaustion
  • Dealing with pain
  • Self-treat / medicate mental health issues.

Women will often start on a lower dose than men; despite this, they will develop an addiction at a faster rate. Addiction is harder for women to overcome, as they struggle more with cravings and relapse more often than men. Women are also more likely to overdose from drugs or go to the emergency room for a drug-related issue. 

Both men and women struggle with substance abuse in unique ways. It is because of this that gender separation is so essential in treatment. Neither treatment is better than the other; rather, they are made to address the unique attributes of both males and females.

gender-separate environment

Men Specific-Treatment

Men can sometimes struggle in rehab treatment centers; they have specific needs that usually coincide with the masculine roles that society has placed on them. With men, there is a fear of being judged if they choose to enter into a rehabilitation program. They don’t want to be perceived as weak for being unable to quit on their own. 

A gender-specific environment will help men to feel more comfortable and accepted while at the same time feel less self-conscious about their worth as a man. Studies show that men often take longer to open up about their struggles than women do. Being in an all-male treatment program will remove the pressure to talk before they are ready.   

Women Specific-Treatment

Women are able to enter treatment more easily than men. However, a lot of women started abusing drugs and alcohol because of physical and sexual abuse. This can make it uncomfortable for them to receive treatment or share these experiences with males. 

By going into a gender-specific treatment, they can be comfortable around other women and feel safe in their environment. Women have an easier time opening up to each other in group therapy. They can discuss things such as the workplace, motherhood, relationships, and loved ones. A gender-specific environment provides the best place for a woman to receive treatment.

gender-separate environment

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

The following are some of the benefits of participating in a gender-specific environment:

  • Fewer distractions
  • Relate with other patients
  • Comfort
  • More time spent talking about gender-related issues.
  • Specialized treatment towards physical and psychological issues.
  • Reduced sexual tension
  • Supportive therapy groups.

At Miramar Recovery, our gender-separate environment provides exceptional treatment for both our male and female patients. Our Newport Beach addiction treatment center offers a place where both men and women can receive specialized care. Gender-specific programs will give a sense of safety and comfort that our patients wouldn’t otherwise have. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call our Newport Beach recovery today. Our team is ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. Begin the work to achieve an addiction-free life at Miramar Recovery.

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