Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment

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Non 12 Step Programs for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When considering  Non 12 Step programs in California, some factors are crucial, such as cost, location, privacy, atmosphere and comfort.  Other factors like individual therapy options, good staff to client ratio, medical prescription if needed, detox therapy, and aftercare are also important factors in deciding the right addiction treatment center.

Miramar Recovery treatment center, a renowned clinic located in Newport Beach, California, offers a Non 12 Step programs for addiction treatment plans, which is tailored to each individual client’s unique needs.

Sometimes a more holistic environment is preferred, one that promotes vitamins and herbs. This type of treatment helps to regulate the body as we work to replace the synthetic high created by drugs. A natural high that the body receives when the endorphins are activated by exercise is also a great replacement for the endorphin dump provided by drug and alcohol abuse. In cases of severe withdrawal symptoms, a more traditional center offering medical treatment may be more appropriate than a holistic center. There are also some other types of Non 12 Step rehab programs in California, such as centers that have a luxury-style environment, simulating a resort-like atmosphere.

A good client to staff ratio is important at Miramar Recovery. Our professionals include physicians, psychiatrist and psychologists, a spiritual counselor, a nutritionist, and clinical therapists. Having had past addictions themselves, some of our staff can relate to the patients on a more personal level. Our team includes other services such as acupuncture, culinary lessons, outdoor activities, and massage. The Miramar Recovery facility has a healthy and comfortable experience that our clients appreciate at our serene, coastal retreat. Come restore yourself, at one of California’s best Non 12 Step rehabs.

Miramar Recovery Center is the industry’s premier therapy-focused treatment center for substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues.

We utilize a therapeutic model of treatment, not the common ‘disease/addiction/step’ model that almost every other program follows.

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Features of Our Therapy-Based Program

  • One-on-One Therapy

    A minimum of (3) 1-hour sessions each week with a Doctorate or Master’s level therapist.

  • Small Group Therapy

    (10-12) small group therapy sessions each week.

  • Adjunctive / Support Therapy

    Multiple supportive therapies provided each week.

  • Case Management

    Multiple individual sessions each week with an assigned, qualified case manager.

  • Alternative Support Programming

    Numerous alternative support methods and outside groups.

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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