Drug & Alcohol Treatment Feautures

Receiving quality treatment is of the utmost importance to individuals with a substance abuse disorder and their families. At Miramar Recovery and Rehab Centers, we frequently treat individuals from Fresno or even farther away. We know that when someone is trying to overcome an addiction, no distance is too great to get clean.

Our drug and alcohol rehab centers offer comprehensive, individualized treatment to ensure that each patient that enters our facilities has the best chance for success. Our team of specialists help addicted individuals deal with the mental, physical and emotional challenges associated with addiction so that they can make a full recovery that leads to a lasting life change.

Families in Fresno and many other areas have been able to experience drastic changes thanks to the work done by the specialists at our drug and alcohol rehab centers. If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from our treatment services, contact us today.

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