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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse published an article in 2013, stating that cocaine was the drug of choice that accounted for almost six percent of all admissions to addiction treatment centers. Another statistic that the article points out is that nearly sixty-eight percent of all those who admitted to a rehab facility that year were considered polydrug users, meaning that there was more than one substance that was being abused. 

Cocaine can come in various forms and has also been known as coke, crack, blow, or snow. The most common way that this highly addictive illegal stimulant is abused is by snorting the drug. 

While in fine powder form, an individual can get cocaine in their bloodstream through the nasal cavity, they can dissolve the cocaine in water and inject it, or the freebase crystal version (crack cocaine) can be smoked.

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Officials have even seen individuals who put cocaine in a blunt mixed with marijuana. Because the effects are relatively short, lasting just a few minutes to an hour, people tend to use cocaine in a binge pattern in which they use it repeatedly in a short period of time in order to avoid a come-down or crash.

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant which is derived from the coca plant. Use of the drug by way of snorting, smoking, or injecting brings about a euphoric and exhilarating feeling lasting between a few minutes and an hour.

Other initial effects from cocaine use include:

  • Mental alertness
  • Becoming talkative
  • Dilated pupils
  • Extreme energy

Getting Help Through Addiction Treatment at Miramar

Cocaine becomes quickly addictive because it prevents the brain from removing the chemical dopamine, the chemical tied to reward, motivation, and emotion. As with many other abused substances, while the drug produces an instant feeling of euphoria, prolonged cocaine use can alter your brain’s structure.

In order for an addiction rehab facility to offer treatment programs on cocaine addiction, such as Miramar Recovery in Newport Beach, it’s helpful to recognize and understand the seriousness of the effects that may occur during treatment. 

Cocaine addiction is a very complex disease that involves various changes in the brain of an individual who abuses the drug. These changes can cause a wide range of familial, social, and other environmental issues that typically alter the addict’s life in many negative ways.

Our cocaine addiction treatment programs offer expertise and counseling to those seeking help. The treatment staff will work continuously to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the often unpleasant detox process. Although seeking help can be a tough decision, our cocaine rehab center can provide guidance along the way and allow you the time necessary to rest and get your body and mind back to a healthy state.

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Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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Recovery From Cocaine Addiction

Once an individual becomes dependent on or addicted to cocaine, it is typically challenging to kick their habit and altogether quit alone without any outside assistance. Trying to find ways to cope while experiencing cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult. These individuals are more likely to find themselves in a situation that will lead them to relapse in an effort to alleviate the brutal symptoms.

If you or you know someone that is suffering from cocaine addiction, Miramar Recovery in Newport Beach can answer your questions and provide assistance with the steps that are necessary to begin down that tough road to recovery and sober lifestyle. 

Rehab options for cocaine addiction treatment can vary somewhat  depending on the recovery center. Keeping this in mind is a good idea when doing research to try and find the appropriate treatment center that offers favorable treatment plans more likely to work well with your situation.

Supervised Cocaine Detox

A proper detox program that is monitored by professionals can provide the patient with the help that is needed to manage the brutal withdrawal symptoms and intense cocaine cravings. 

The cocaine detox program at Miramar Recovery in Newport Beach offers a secure and comfortable recovery environment, readily available assistance, and emotional support, as well as access to psychiatric resources if needed. Detoxification will often last up to a week, but it is only the first step in the rehab process.

After the cocaine and any other substances that may have been abused have been eliminated from the body and stability is restored, the treatment process for cocaine addiction continues. These treatment programs help rectify maladaptive drug-using behaviors and replace them with safe, positive, and healthier choices.

In most cases, the cocaine addiction detox process involves an uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous, experience. Because of the severe health complications that can arise from ridding the body of a powerful substance like cocaine, it is important to us that the process is done under the careful and attentive supervision of our experts.

Orange County Cocaine Rehab

Our addiction detox program is geared toward lowering the risk of relapse for our patients. Because the addicted individual does not have the option of using cocaine or other drugs during this process, all efforts can be focused on recovery and managing the many unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. 

Because of the risks that are mentioned above, trying a do-it-yourself detoxification process at home can be very dangerous and avoided at all costs is possible.

At Miramar Recovery, we help our patients attain a sober body and mind so that the best opportunities in life can be achieved and enjoyed for years to come.

Residential Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Once you’re in our cocaine rehab program and the detox process is complete, patients are closely monitored and treated as the continuing side effects or symptoms appear. Withdrawal, along with the accompanying feelings and emotions, is one of the most common reasons addicts go back to drinking or using their drugs of choice.

In our Newport Beach residential or inpatient rehab facility, you will have the crucial continued support that is oftentimes needed to help get through the awful and challenging process of withdrawal. 

Our goal is to minimize the side effects until the body is clean and stable, so all the remaining focus can start to be set on healing and sobriety. Medication may be administered to help you maintain abstinence from your addiction until you are able to stay sober on your own.

Medication use can be tapered as you learn better ways of coping without cocaine use. Those with co-occurring disorders including anxiety and bipolar disorder may need more long-term medication therapy. Your treatment team will assess how best to utilize medication in your cocaine addiction treatment.

Therapy for Cocaine Addiction

Individuals who are struggling with addiction need a combination of emotional and mental support. While in our inpatient cocaine addiction treatment center, patients have access to psychiatrists and other industry professionals. Patients will receive personal help working through each of their unique struggles.

Along with one-on-one therapy, group therapy sessions have been seen and proven to be especially helpful. You will meet with other patients in the program who can relate and understand the various hardships that cocaine addiction brings into someone’s life.

With group therapy, patients feel less alone and find peers who can relate to their situation. This form of treatment is especially helpful since many addicts feel as though no one else will or can understand what exactly they are going through.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has also been shown to be effective in treating cocaine addiction. With CBT, patients are equipped to avoid obstacles that threaten their sobriety and are taught to overcome unhealthy thought patterns. CBT is also a popular means of ongoing recovery once a patient has left residential rehabilitation.

When admitted to Miramar Recovery’s residential rehab center, you will have regular therapy sessions with a psychiatrist as well as group therapy, all included and available to you.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Continuous Recovery

Having a support system in place is critical once you leave therapy. Regularly meeting with others in group therapy is a powerful way to feel supported and prevent a relapse. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous make use of 12-step programs to help former cocaine addicts to find long-term sobriety.

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