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At Miramar Recovery, the overall health and happiness is our very top priority. We work to incorporate a combination of treatment modalities to provide accountability, structure, and compassion. We are here and eager to guide you through early sobriety and help you avoid some as much negativity along the way as possible.

Our Newport Beach meth addiction rehab is specifically designed to treat our patients in a way that works. Our individualized treatment plans will set realistic goals for each of our patients. These goals will help them to learn new coping skills so that they can live a life free of addiction.


Methamphetamine (meth, crank, ice, chalk, fire, glass, speed) is one of the most addictive stimulants that can be found in the world today. There are many risks to the body that occur when meth is abused. The effects of meth abuse have proven to be very dangerous. Depending on the individual, even using meth for a short period can produce long-lasting damage to the brain. 

There are a variety of reasons why someone would be interested in trying/using meth. The fact that it is a stimulant and can improve or enhance physical and mental abilities is a draw for many. It can increase a person’s confidence in a social setting, and be a form of self-medicating to manage mental health issues. However, methamphetamine abuse can lead to long term brain damage and physical dependency. 

Meth comes in several ways and can be snorted, smoked, injected, or ingested orally. When an individual smokes or injects this drug, it gets to the brain and in the bloodstream very quickly, causing a nearly immediate and intense “rush” feeling. An Injection carries the risk of blood transmittable diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

 Snorting meth does not result in a rush but it will produce a sense of euphoria. Snorting can result in skin sores and permanent damage to the sinus cavities. All these typically work together to magnify the addiction potential of the drug and also raises the likelihood of developing one or more health complications. 

In 2017, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health published articles stating that an estimated 964,000 people ages 12 and up that had a meth use disorder. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over the past few years, there has been a 518% increase in the amount of meth that was seized in California alone. 

It is because of this growing crisis that reports of meth addiction are on the rise, and why drug and alcohol rehabs such as Miramar Recovery are so important. 

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Residential Treatment for Meth Addiction

The benefits of residential addiction treatment are many and have been designed to decrease the chance of relapse once the program is over. During your stay at Miramar Recovery, an appropriate and individualized aftercare plan will be developed by our clinical team based on the thorough assessment that would take place on day one. 

Residential or inpatient treatment programs offer round-the-clock care and provide a luxurious living space for the patient to live in during treatment. With the inpatient treatment program supplied at Miramar Recovery, you’ll live in a facility with other individuals who are also in recovery and be under the supervision of our experienced staff of licensed addiction specialists. 

This type of care allows you to get help or assistance that is available immediately whenever it is needed. Residential treatment ensures that you are taken care of by medical professionals such as doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists.

The purpose of our inpatient treatment program is to provide our patients with the tools they need to kick their meth addiction successfully. The constant professional assistance can often motivate and can be very encouraging to those who are suffering. Feedback and past results have shown that those who choose our inpatient treatment have a much better chance of completing the programs because of the residential setting. 

Naturally, the cost of inpatient rehab programs is a bit more expensive than the other forms of treatment. Although more pricey, it is essential to know that if the meth addiction is severe, then the program is well worth it no matter the cost. If you have health insurance, it could cover all or some of the costs associated with residential treatment. Miramar Recovery accepts most major insurance policies. 

Along with the many skills that will be developed during the inpatient care program, each of our clients will work with a counselor to complete a well-structured aftercare plan designed to help maintain a new and healthy lifestyle, while sober.

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Outpatient Treatment for Meth Addiction

Miramar Recovery offers a top-rated outpatient treatment program that is an excellent followup to our inpatient program. People in our intensive outpatient program who struggle with meth addiction will receive the same structure and accountability seen in a formal treatment setting but will return home at the end of the day. 

It is also useful for people who find it extremely difficult or cannot leave their responsibilities at work or at home. Our outpatient treatment program is also ideal for those that do not necessarily need the round-the-clock supervision that you find in our inpatient program.

Doctors and counselors in our Newport Beach rehab center help all our patients to make ideal and manageable goals for themselves. It is proven that learning to commit to themselves and their loved ones results in the motivation to make positive changes in their lives. We encourage making long-term goals and then short-term goals that will provide them with steps along the way.

With nearly 15 percent of Americans facing some form of substance abuse at some point in their life, the availability and flexibility of addiction rehab programs are more critical than ever. With outpatient addiction treatment, you can receive group and individual therapy as well as help with medications. 

All this is done with the patient and their responsibilities in mind. So it happens with little to no significant changes in their life. With that being said, a lot depends on the types of friends or family members chosen to surround themselves with. 

The overall environment at home is also important to consider when thinking of what can alter the chances of relapsing back into meth addiction. It is questions like this to think about and consider when deciding outpatient over an inpatient program. 

Medication is often an incredibly useful resource offered, especially during early recovery. Among other things, effective medication management can help minimize withdrawal symptoms and help reduce the risks of a meth addiction relapse. Studies have also been shown that certain medications improve a patient’s ability to stay in treatment for the duration of the program.

Give Miramar Recovery a Call today, where an assessment by one of our licensed professionals can be done to determine the best choice depending on the current situations. 

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Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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