Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Can Impair the Brain’s Network
January 9, 2009
NIDA Releases Report on the Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Illnesses
January 15, 2009
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“Alcohol is a two-edged sword” – new study

Most of the studies conducted from the 1990s to the present indicate that moderate drinking of beer, liquor, and wine may help a person avoid cognitive decline and dementia. The key, however, is moderation, which for men means up to 2 drinks a day and for women, a drink a day (or less).

“Alcohol is a two-edged sword,” said Professor Michael Collins, Ph.D., of the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Collins authored a review of 44 important alcohol consumption studies which indicated the abovementioned trend. “Too much is bad,” he added, “But a little might actually be helpful.”

The report does not explain why moderate drinking reduces risk of dementia, but it offers a theory: Alcohol may cause the brain cells to become more fit, as it toughens up cells to enable them to cope with stress that may cause dementia.

The study DOES NOT recommend drinking, but it does not tell people who are able to limit their alcohol intake to moderate levels to stop, either.  Collins also stresses that there are many other ways to combat cognitive decline and that alcohol consumption is not a solution. To be healthy, people need to exercise, drink green tea, continue learning, and fill their diets with a loft of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, and other elements of the Mediterranean diet. The study also stresses that people should never drink alcohol during adolescence, during pregnancy, and of course, before driving.

While light alcohol consumption seems to have a lot of health benefits, Collin’s report was quick to state that people who suffer from alcohol addiction and abuse should be given primary attention by therapists, doctors, and researchers. This is because long-term abuse of alcohol causes a decline in cognitive functions, the most obvious of which is memory loss.

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