Alcohol: The Unassuming Yet Addictive Drug

When most people consume alcohol they think that it is nothing more than a social substance. They don’t foresee treatment centers in their future. Sure, it can make you feel drunk if it gets excessive, but what’s the harm in just a few drinks?

The one thing people in San Diego and across the nation don’t consider before they drink alcohol is the fact that it is also a drug. By definition, a drug is a medicine or substance that has a psychological effect when put into the body—something that perfectly describes alcohol.

It may not be like other drugs, but alcohol is classified as a depressant. This means that it slows down the body’s functions, resulting in altered perceptions of reality. It also changes a person’s ability to think rationally and make smart decisions.

These are all ways that the substance affects not only the body, but the mind. Alcohol is more than just any drug—it is the drug that is the most used, the most widespread and the most addictive. Although “drug” carries a negative connotation with it, most people don’t realize that they are consuming such a thing almost daily.

Becoming an alcoholic is the same process as becoming a drug addict. It all starts with one use, one drink. If you are finding yourself headed down the dangerous path of becoming addicted to this substance, contact treatment centers in San Diego or near you.


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