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Finding Alcohol Treatment in Orange County

Orange County alcohol treatment

If you are looking for an alcohol rehab center in Orange County, Miramar Addiction and Rehab Centers is the best place to go. Miramar has helped countless people overcome their addictions, and is excited to do the same for you. We are conveniently located – no need to drive hours north to LA just to find treatment. By undergoing addiction treatment in Orange County, you’ll be able to continue to see the family members who are supporting you on your recovery journey. We offer top-of-the-line addiction treatments, staffed by knowledgeable professionals, including therapists. Give us a call today to discuss some of the things we can offer.

Alcoholism is a Disease

Alcohol addiction can quickly take over your life, ruining relationships and professional opportunities. When you are an alcoholic, drinking becomes your top priority, and you are no longer able to be available for your loved ones or for your career. Many people are able to consume alcohol in moderation, without it impacting their quality of life. This can make some alcoholics feel like they should be able to drink moderately as well. However, some people are more predisposed to addiction, and will find that alcohol is not something they can have a little bit of and then put down. Alcoholism is a disease, and there is no shame in being afflicted by it.

Just like any disease, it’s important to recognize that you have it and get help. There is never any shame in being sick (just as you would not blame someone for having cancer, you should not blame yourself for being an alcoholic), but you do need to take action and seek out the treatment that you need in order to heal. You cannot cure yourself of alcoholism, you need trained doctors who understand what you are going through to help you heal. By working with trained doctors and psychologists to treat both the mental and physical triggers of addiction, you will be able to overcome your alcoholism and refocus your life on the things that truly matter to you, like your family and friends.

We recognize that alcohol addiction often comes from deep seated psychological triggers. When these triggers arise, people drink to move past them. Many alcoholics also suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other disorders. Alcohol use becomes, for many people, a way to numb the pain from these other painful issues. Our treatment program recognizes this and focuses on healing the cause of the alcoholism, not just the symptom. When you leave Miramar, we want you to be able to recognize a trigger that would have led you to drink in the past, and to have tools to handle that trigger without alcohol.

The Right Alcohol Rehab Center in Orange County

Orange County Alcohol Rehab Centers

In Orange County, it can feel like no one else has problems or difficulties. With the sunny weather, beaches, and endless fish tacos, sometimes it can feel like everyone else is on a vacation that never ends. People go surfing after work and walk their dog on the beach. When you’re suffering, that can make it a difficult place to live, since your life feels nothing like a vacation. We all live and work in Orange County, so we understand how the weather and scenery that seems to lift everyone else up can just add insult to your struggle. In our Orange County alcohol rehab center, you’ll be living with people who feel the same way, where you don’t have to pretend to be thrilled with another sunny day.

Alcohol treatment requires multiple stages. First, you need to detoxify, which is the time period immediately after taking your last drink. This can be physically uncomfortable as the toxins leave your body. Our trained staff have guided many people through the detoxification period, and will be able to help you tough it out and get past the worst of the symptoms. Afterward, we offer lots of therapy – both group and individual – to help you analyze the issues that cause you to drink and determine other, healthier, ways to deal with the emotional triggers in your life.

Alcohol rehab generally requires, at least, a month, because we work with the whole person. Quitting alcohol is not enough, because if you do not learn new ways to self-soothe and deal with challenging situations, you are highly likely to relapse once you leave our center. That’s why we at Miramar focus on more than just alcoholism. Give us a call today to see if Miramar might be the right alcohol treatment center for you. The road to healing is a long one, but calling us is the first step.

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