Am I Becoming Addicted to My Prescription?

From San Francisco to the East Coast, prescription drug abuse has become an increasingly problematic trend for millions of Americans. But many times, the addiction that leads to drug rehab can begin entirely on accident. So how can one tell if she is developing an addiction and stop her misuse before it gets out of hand?

The first thing to do is examine your prescription drug usage habits. Are you still following the exact instructions as listed on the prescription? Or have you increased the dosage or frequency with which you take the medication?

Other indicators that your use of prescription drugs is becoming potentially problematic include taking painkillers and other medication for mild symptoms or for conditions completely unrelated to what the drug was prescribed for. Other signs that your prescription drug use may be developing into an addiction include mood swings, a preoccupation with using the drug and changes in sleeping habits.

Many in San Francisco and elsewhere who enter drug rehab started abusing prescription drugs to continue experiencing the euphoria sometimes associated with use of these substances. In other instances, individuals used another person’s prescription in an effort to self-medicate.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the initial misuse, individuals who abuse prescription drugs suffer a wide range of health consequences, and many die from overdosing. If any of these symptoms match your situation, reach out for help today. Don’t wait until it is too late.


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