How to Have a Sober Valentine’s Day


Sober Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a difficult day for folks in addiction recovery due to the pressure and sense of expectation it creates. The holiday is often celebrated with wine or champagne, but living a sober life means avoiding any scenario that could trigger a relapse. It’s even hard for single sober people. Negative […]

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment for You


How to Find the Best Addiction Treatment Program No matter the nature of your addiction experience, every day can be a struggle. It’s easy to feel helpless. You may think that there’s no way to get out from under your substance abuse, or that your specific condition is beyond help, but that’s not the case. […]

Sober Activities for Cold Weather


We are smack dab in the middle of winter, and depending on where you live, the weather is probably cold, snowy, and dreary. That can make things exceptionally difficult for people in recovery, who are often looking for things to do when sober . Part of addiction treatment is embracing new activities and hobbies that can […]

Mind-Body Medicine for Addiction Treatment


When it comes to addiction recovery, there are plenty of physical treatment forms, such as medical detox. But to give themselves the best shot at being healthier, people with addiction need to treat the mind as well as the body, which is why mind-body medicine has become such a key component to recovery. In fact, […]

Regarding COVID-19

Response to coronavirus covid 19

We understand there are ongoing questions and concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, and how it applies to you and your loved ones here in our program. Our goal is to keep our clients, employees, families and community partners updated and informed on Miramar Recovery’s response as it evolves. We are […]

Comprehensive Guide to Returning Home After Rehab


The biggest test of your sobriety is its sustenance in our daily routine. After 30-90 days of spending time in rehab, you are determined and well-aware of how difficult it is going to be getting back to your everyday life.  There’s fear mixed with hope and a mighty challenge in front of you to rebuild […]

Famous Celebrity Rehab Success Stories

Celebrities are perpetually scrutinized under the limelight of tabloids, online gossip columns, and social media — it’s easy to forget that although celebrities may be living a different lifestyle than most people, they’re still human. A quick Google search for “celebrity addiction” will yield hundreds of results chronicling current, past and speculated addiction among celebrities, […]

Inside the Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

synthetic marijuana epidemic

From Patriots linebacker Chandler Jones to the residents of upstate New York, synthetic marijuana has affected Americans around the country. Lauded for its affordability and ability to remain undetected in most drug tests, the synthetic substance is wreaking havoc on communities from the East Coast to Los Angeles. Unlike its organic cousin, synthetic marijuana is […]

Nature vs. Nurture: The Contributing Factors of Opioid Abuse

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Five million people in the United States are affected by opioid abuse every year. The rise in popularity of opioid medications such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Opana for the treatment of chronic pain has played a significant role in the current opioid addiction epidemic. The recent influx in opioid addiction that drug rehab centers from […]