Avoiding Negative Influences Post-Rehab

One of the most difficult things for any individual who has gone through drug rehab is returning to the “real world” after successfully completing their rehabilitation program. One of the most serious problems individuals face are the temptations offered by old friends and drug dealers who try to lure them back into their former destructive habits.

When individuals allow these negative influences to return to their lives, the results can be tragic. Tom Parks of Maine recently made headlines across the country after he wrote a surprisingly candid obituary about his daughter’s death, which was caused by a heroin overdose.

In an interview with NPR, Parks noted that shortly after his daughter had completed a drug rehab program, “her dealer was calling her, texting her, bugging her.” He sadly noted that his daughter was not strong enough to resist such constant efforts to get her to return to her addiction.

For anyone who is striving to maintain a clean, sober life, avoiding such destructive influences can be extremely difficult. But if one truly wishes to remain sober, a valiant effort must be made. This may mean completely cutting ties with former friends, or even getting a new phone so those with a negative influence can no longer contact you. This may be difficult, but it is ultimately worth it to avoid relapses and other tragedies.


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