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May 27, 2009
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Battling cocaine: Keeping track of street price and purity

The Serious Organized Crime Agency or SOCA has managed to have significant success in the battle against United Kingdom’s cocaine market, according to BBC reports. After SOCA conducted its undercover operations, cocaine’s wholesale price has reportedly risen considerably. According to BBC and the Druglink magazine (by DrugScope), not only has the price of cocaine risen, but the drug’s purity has also gone down. When police tested the drug, it was shown that almost one-third of seized cocaine contained about 9% purity level, the lowest on record. It is believed that dealers that have resorted to using benzocaine, phenacetin and other cutting-agents to dilute the cocaine being sold in the streets.

Too soon to tell

Due to these recent interesting findings, Mark Easton, home editor of BBC set up an interview with Martin Barnes, DrugScope’s chief executive to evaluate the recent success in battling street cocaine in the UK. According to Barnes, the operations against cocaine in the recent months have undeniably caused some positive impact. However, it may be too soon to tell if this impact will have a long-term effect on the availability and supply of cocaine in the United Kingdom. Saying that the cocaine market is finally in retreat may be a hasty statement.

Not only for the rich

According to Barnes, trends have also been showing that cocaine’s street price and purity have been declining for some time. There was a time when the drug was considered to be high-end and was exclusively restricted to celebrities and those who are wealthy enough to afford it. Nowadays, the drug is losing this image, thanks to the more affordable street price. However, lower price does not mean the same quality. Dealers today are simply opting to sell less pure products so they can attract customers with the same low price without losing any profits. Phenacetin and benzocaine are the more popular cutting agents used because they can mimic the other effects of cocaine, like numbing the tongue and the mouth. This way, the consumer is led to believe that he is consuming cocaine that is a lot less pure than he thinks. As if the harmful effects of cocaine were not enough, authorities are also saying that these cutting agents could have some unknown serious effects when consumed.

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