Five Simple Things You Can be Grateful for During Tough Times

things to be grateful for in addiction recovery

“Let Gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer- Maya Angelou.”
There is so much wrong with the society that we live in. The pace at which life moves.
Several studies have validated the practice of gratitude as a positive brain changer. The research confirms that the daily practice of gratitude is good for our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. It can keep us from getting stuck in negative emotions, create a growth mindset, and build resilience during tough times.
The modern life is shaped around a hectic work schedule that consumes us so much that we hardly take some time to reflect on ourselves. Along with that, the rise of social media and considering its presence in our daily life, it has, more than ever, become necessary to remind ourselves of all the good things that we have in our life.
Ultimately, that is all that shapes our minds and thought process.
Cultivating an attitude of gratitude does not cost much, but the benefits are enormous. A heart filled with gratitude opens the door to more relationships and helps make new friends. Gratitude also helps reduce feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear and eventually leads to an overall improvement in one’s physical and psychological health.
Knowing full well its importance, let us look at five important things we should be grateful for.

  1. Physical Well-Being

It is funny how easily we overlook our good health. It is when we fracture our arm do; we realize the importance of a well-functioning arm. So, most importantly, we must start by appreciating our health. This is how you create an inner-dialogue and start taking good care of your body. This is very important today because people quite often take their bodies for granted and misuse it like anything. Just like some clichés can be revealing, we should understand the essence of the phrase, “Health is wealth.” There is no higher truth than this. So, start by appreciating your body and good health.

  1. Special Skills

We all are gifted with some special skills which we must identify. Most of us are already aware of what we are good at. However, one of the reasons why we do not progress ahead with it is that we do not take it seriously. The first step to hone your skills is to acknowledge them in the first place. We must remind ourselves how good we are in certain things, and this is how you develop a personal interest. This will create a strong drive and only help you move forward and build your skills and make your life meaningful. You can always write down what you are right and create a plan to develop yourself fully.

  1. Your Career

This certainly is one of the most important things. Of all the things, our job is the most significant source of stress in our life. However, escaping from it is not the right choice. According to eastern Zen philosophy, the problem is not the thing but our perception of the situation. So, the stress you get from the job is not because of the job but because of your perception of the job. You can easily overcome this by looking at the job situation through a different lens.
You must start writing down some of the best things that this job offers you. This way, you will be evident in your head about all the positive things that the job brings in your life. Once a firm belief and resolve are developed, you start dealing with it much more maturely. When a problem arises in your work, your first instinct will be “how can you deal with it” instead of getting demotivated. This new outlook will help you excel at work as well as help you deal with life differently.

  1. Start appreciating one good thing you experience every day.

A lot of philosophers claim that the heart of the depression lies in an incorrect understanding of time. Some of us are either living in the past, hence filled with regret, and others are living in the future, so they are clouded by fear and anxiety. However, the bliss of life and pure being lies, being fully aware of the present.
Getting to the center of this, we must understand that life is to be lived one day at a time. This does not discard future and career planning. But in the course of that, we must not lose track of the present.
Knowing how difficult this sounds but like all the great things in life, even this starts by taking a small first step. To train your mind and create mindfulness about the present, we must begin to appreciate one good thing we witness every day and how it has affected you. This practice will only help you develop, over time, a strong sense of awareness and mindfulness of the present.
After practicing this extensively, you will find that you have a much broader understanding, and you start seeing everything around you in a more comprehensive scheme of life.

  1. Be grateful for what inspires you

Inspiration is the gift of the spirit. It is essential to acknowledge and be thankful for it. This is how you allow what inspires you to enter your life. By carefully jotting down what inspires you, remind yourself about its importance in your life. After prolonged practice, you become fully aware of your inspiration, helping you to stay motivated. Hence, it’s a critical practice to take some time out of your busy, chaotic life and remind yourself what inspires you and brings meaning in your life.


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