Best Movies About Addiction Recovery

Best Movies About Addiction Recovery

Movies about addiction and recovery can often help people healing from substance abuse cope and feel understood. It’s important to understand, however, that recovery is a lifelong process that can’t be resolved in a Hollywood minute.

Top five movies about addiction and recovery

Here is a collection of movies that deal with the experience of addiction and recovery. If you find you are easily triggered by viewing drug or alcohol use, this genre may not be right for you and we encourage you to contact the specialists at Miramar Recovery Center for recovery support.

  1. “28 Days” (2000)
    The importance of an accepting environment when healing addiction is capitalized on in this movie, with guidance and overcoming oneself at the forefront. For movie-lovers looking for a lighter, more uplifting film, this is a good fit, though it too has its difficult moments.
  2. “Rocketman” 2019
    “Rocketman”’s exploration and depiction of Elton John’s life and troubles rarely deviate from his addiction to alcohol and drugs. The critically acclaimed movie opens with the UK-native entering an addiction rehab center and begins the probe into John’s turbulent rise to fame. This film gives movie-goers hope that openly seeking and finding help for yourself (or those around you) can lead to beautiful recoveries and guide individuals back onto the clean life, free from the grip of addiction and bursting with hope.
  3. “Half Nelson” (2006)
    “Half Nelson”is candid yet uplifting, a combination of descriptions rarely seen together in this genre. The film explores the unrelenting turbulence of drug addiction and relapse, making for a unique, believable film.
  4. “Russell Brand—From Addiction to Recovery” (2012)
    “Russell Brand–From Addiction to Recovery” is an intensely personal film that the actor created following the death of singer and close friend Amy Winehouse from a drug overdose. In the movie, Russell Brand goes down memory lane to revisit his years in addiction and tries to instill hope in viewers that all is not lost for those who have substance abuse disorders.
  5. “The Anonymous People” (2013)
    “The Anonymous People” is narrated through the personal recollections of experiences of thousands of leaders, celebrities, volunteers, and corporate executives who are stepping forward to save the lives of countless others like them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different forms of recovery available at Miramar Recovery Center, call (949) 691-5036. Our evidence-based treatment programs treat both the psychological and physical aspects of a substance use disorder and provide the essential recovery tools you need to find long-lasting recovery.


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