Beware a Relapse: Staying Clean Post-Rehab

One thing is certain about addiction: it’s an easy habit to fall back into. Even when all resources have been exhausted, it may take more than drug rehab in Riverside to stay clean. But being aware of what could trigger a relapse can prevent such instances from happening.

After a long visit to drug rehab in Riverside or anywhere else, many people will experience emotional imbalances. Mood swings, depression and a feeling of defensiveness may follow. Be aware of these emotional setbacks and seek professionals and family for help.

Mental stability may also be on the fritz after getting out of rehab. Addiction is a mental battle that will continue to be a temptation even after swearing off drugs. The best way to deal with this is to be aware of it. Watch for signs of mental battles and seek help when temptation comes. Exercise and proper nutrition can also encourage the mind to stay healthy.

Also be aware of any desires to participate in former activities where substance abuse may have started. Any desire to go back to that life is a red flag. Socializing with past enablers often results in falling back into old habits.

Overall, be cautious of your own behaviors after coming out of rehab. Entreat close friends and family to watch for these signs as well. That way no addiction will have power to regain control of your life.


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