Big meth ring discovered in Philadelphia

Philadelphia authorities recently busted a major meth ring which used porcelain dolls to smuggle crystal methamphetamines from Mexico to a Philadelphia shoe store.
Arrested for the crime were Christopher McDaniel, who is believed to be the head of the ring, and 12 others corroborators. The group is said to have smuggled around $6.6 million in crystal meth, which they later distributed to dealers who in turn supply the illicit drug to thousands of abuser and dependents around Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery.
According to officials involved in the drug bust operation which was dubbed “Operation Broken Doll,” the crystal meth is shipped from Mexico sealed inside porcelain dolls by McDaniel’s Mexican supplier identified as Estela “Monica” Elenes. The dolls then arrive by mail Ben’s Shoes located at Market Street near 2nd.
McDaniel personally picks the doll up from the said store and brings them home to his house in Queen Village where the dolls are smashed to retrieve the crystal meth ingenuously placed inside.
According to Attorney General Tom Corbett, the Philadelphia authorities have set eyes on McDaniel as early as January when he was found to be selling crystal meth at a regional scale. The authorities then placed court-approved taps on McDaniel following some controlled buys in order to determine the scope his operations.
It was only within some time that the investigators were able to identify Elenes, who was based in Culiacan, Mexico, as McDaniel’s supplier and before the group learned of the nature of the meth ring’s operation.
The investigators said that McDaniel was able to get at least seven one-pound crystal meth shipments from Elenes for which he paid $22,000 per pound and made $13,000 a pound in profit. Corbett also named a certain Flor Amaya of California as the middleman in the transaction, receiving the shipment from Mexico and repacking it for delivery to Philadelphia.
Corbett also disclosed that a raid of McDaniel house in April revealed five smashed porcelain dolls and another two just outside his house, the latter two still having crystal meth sealed in them.
Over the summer, the case underwent a major development with reports of the kidnapping of Elenes, whose body was found apparently gunned to death. She is believed to have been murdered by Mexican drug cartels for her involvement in the Philadelphia meth ring.
Overall though, this recent bust was hailed by local drug fighters to be a major success against meth distribution, which apparently have expanded from local to international operations in the past years.
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