California Plans to Supply Affordable Options for Drug Rehab

Many individuals living in Los Angeles struggle with daily substance abuse. Though these addictions seem impossible to beat, seeking help from drug rehab centers can offer new hope for a safe and sober future. To ensure Californians are receiving the help they deserve, the Golden State will be the first to receive federal permission to revamp its treatments for drug and alcohol abuse for beneficiaries of Medicaid.

“Through what’s known as a drug waiver, state officials will have new spending flexibility as they try to improve outcomes and reduce social and financial costs of people with substance abuse disorders,” reports Behavioral Healthcare. Declared in the waiver, California plans to expand its treatment services including inpatient care, case management, recovery services and further medication options to aid struggling addicts living in the Los Angeles area.

Drug abuse is a common situation many Californians live with. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that about 14 percent of Medicaid recipients are believed to have a substance abuse disorder. However, with the aid of rehab centers and the new waiver for the state of California, many who are living with the constant pains and hardships of substance abuse can have a chance to receiving lifesaving treatments.

Currently, California’s Medicaid—also known as Medi-Cal—treatment costs approximately $180 million per year and is supported through state and federal funds. Though there is no estimate on the costs of the new plan, the overall goal of the waiver is to lower health care expenses and supply the opportunity for citizens of Los Angeles to live a sober life.

Individuals who are currently struggling with addiction can seek plans that will enable them to get help immediately. The longer one waits to treat his or her addiction, the harder it will become to quit. Support and therapies can be found through the beneficial services offered by drug rehab centers like Miramar Recovery Centers.


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