One in Ten Americans Face Drug Disorders

Drug rehab centers in Escondido, Calif. and other locations help thousands of adults struggling with addiction every year. And according to a recent study published by JAMA Psychiatry, nearly one in ten Americans suffer from a drug use disorder in their lifetime. This figure may seem shocking to some, but with the rise in popularity […]

Doctors Call for an End to Drug Advertising

What’s the biggest drug threat to our country today? Is it heroin? Cocaine? The answer shouldn’t be too surprising, yet for many in San Jose and elsewhere, it is. Prescription drug abuse—particularly the abuse of prescription painkillers is the leading substance abuse problem in the United States, causing tens of thousands of overdose deaths each […]

New Crystal Meth App Transforms Selfies

A new mobile app created by Haydn Cooke and Trinity Lonel shows users the devastating effects that meth can have on appearance after just one year of use. Drug rehab centers in San Jose, Calif. and across the country are familiar with the appearance of a “meth head.” Often meth users experience Ekbom’s syndrome, which […]

Why Pot and Alcohol Don’t Mix

According to the Huffington Post, “California has the oldest and largest marijuana market in the country, bringing in $1.3 billion a year.” Consequently, drug rehab centers such as Miramar dot the coast of California in places like Irvine, and an increasing number of people are checking in for marijuana abuse. While it may seem to […]

DEA Calls Heroin Country’s Biggest Drug Threat

Of all the substances that send individuals in Riverside, Calif. and across the nation to drug rehab centers, there are perhaps few more addictive or potentially deadly than heroin. The country’s prescription drug abuse epidemic has led to a major increase in the number of heroin abusers in the country, causing the DEA to call […]

Heroin Use Skyrocketing in US

There are few drugs more dangerous than heroin, and abuse of the dangerous substance is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that between 2002 and 2013, the use of heroin in the United States has increased by 63 percent, with overdose deaths quadrupling during that […]

Second-Hand High: It’s a Real Thing

You’ve heard about second-hand smoke, but what about second-hand high? Although the topic needs some more research and human evidence, scientists suggest that people in Riverside, Calif. and elsewhere who are exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke can certainly feel the effects. Specifically, Live Science reports that second-hand exposure may cause individuals to feel some of […]

The Connection Between Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

While substance use disorders can affect just about anyone from Los Angeles to the East Coast, research has found that individuals who suffer from mental illnesses are significantly more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than their peers. Entering drug rehab can play a significant part in the recovery process. While the underlying causes of […]

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and the Innocent Victims of Drug Abuse

Many individuals from Riverside, Calif. to the East Coast are becoming increasingly aware of the problems posed by the abuse of drugs and alcohol by pregnant women, as well as the need for drug rehab in overcoming these addictions. Unfortunately, many continue to misuse these substances while pregnant, leading to the development of neonatal abstinence […]