Five Simple Things You Can be Grateful for During Tough Times

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“Let Gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer- Maya Angelou.” There is so much wrong with the society that we live in. The pace at which life moves. Several studies have validated the practice of gratitude as a positive brain changer. The research confirms that the daily practice of […]

Adderall Addiction: The Dangers of the Most Popular Study Drug

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Is Adderall Addictive? Adderall is a combination of pharmaceutical drugs that are classified as stimulants and contain amphetamines. It is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy and has been proven to help certain people stay focused, control behavioral problems and improve listening skills. Although it is a prescription drug, Adderall has […]

Is There a Link Between Bad Weather and Addiction?

It’s not uncommon to feel a little under the weather during the winter months of the year when the days are shorter and warm sunlight feels like a fleeting memory. There is an established link between winter weather and seasonal affective disorder (aptly abbreviated as SAD), but is there a link between gloomy weather and […]

How to Talk to a Child About a Parent’s Addiction

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Making the decision to enroll in drug or alcohol rehab centers is never an easy one — and adding a child into the mix can make things even more complicated. When a parent decides to get addiction treatment in one of the drug rehab centers in Orange County, California, it’s time to sit down and […]

Famous Celebrity Rehab Success Stories

Celebrities are perpetually scrutinized under the limelight of tabloids, online gossip columns, and social media — it’s easy to forget that although celebrities may be living a different lifestyle than most people, they’re still human. A quick Google search for “celebrity addiction” will yield hundreds of results chronicling current, past and speculated addiction among celebrities, […]

Illicit Drug Trafficking Contributing to High Addiction Rates

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Illicit Drug Trafficking Contributing to High Addiction Rates The drug trafficking business in Mexico is worth an estimated $50 billion a year — and analysts predict that without it, Mexico’s economy would shrink by 63 percent. With 32 percent of all American inmates either under the influence or in possession of illicit drugs when arrested, […]

The Invisible Drug Abuse Epidemic Among Older Adults

Although it’s common to associate addiction with younger demographics, a new drug addiction epidemic is on the rise among America’s aging generations. Recent research indicates older adults are not only at increased risk for substance abuse, but they struggle with addiction just as much — if not more — than younger generations. As more geriatric […]

Nature vs. Nurture: The Contributing Factors of Opioid Abuse

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Five million people in the United States are affected by opioid abuse every year. The rise in popularity of opioid medications such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Opana for the treatment of chronic pain has played a significant role in the current opioid addiction epidemic. The recent influx in opioid addiction that drug rehab centers from […]

How Family Involvement Works in Recovery

The disease of drug addiction doesn’t just affect the addict—it also affects the entire family. When someone is in active addiction, he or she may engage in behaviors that are hurtful to family members, such as lying, stealing and using manipulative tactics. Although it can be hard for some family members to be involved in […]