Tips for Preventing a Relapse

Perhaps one of the most pressing concerns on the minds of anyone in Riverside, Calif. or elsewhere who has been through drug rehab is how to stay clean after completing a rehab program. Despite the best efforts of both medical professionals and those they are helping, there are many who relapse shortly after returning to […]

Is Therapy Really Helpful After Rehab?

After overcoming an addiction with the help of a professional drug rehab program, many people in San Diego and nationwide wonder what steps they should take next. Life’s just supposed to be full of sunshine and happiness the moment we walk out of treatment facilities, right? Contrary to popular belief, however, the recovery isn’t over […]

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and the Innocent Victims of Drug Abuse

Many individuals from Riverside, Calif. to the East Coast are becoming increasingly aware of the problems posed by the abuse of drugs and alcohol by pregnant women, as well as the need for drug rehab in overcoming these addictions. Unfortunately, many continue to misuse these substances while pregnant, leading to the development of neonatal abstinence […]

What Causes Addiction?

Of all topics related to substance abuse, perhaps few are more hotly debated than what actually creates an addiction so powerful that drug rehab or other treatment is required to overcome it. For while drugs themselves contain powerful addictive substances, there are other root causes that can cause individuals in San Diego and elsewhere to […]

Heroin Usage Increasing Fast Among Drug Users

Heroin may be the least-used drug compared to meth, marijuana, prescription medications and cocaine, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way for long. According to the National Heroin Threat Assessment, heroin is now increasing in usage faster than any other drug. Between 2007 and 2013, heroin users doubled. With that increase has come […]

Online Addiction Tests: Are They Accurate?

Addiction can be an inherited tendency, a development over time or something that just comes out of nowhere and sends you to a drug rehab center. Although some people in San Diego and elsewhere think addiction will never pervade their lives, others may wish to take an online addiction test in order to measure behaviors. […]

How Cocaine Destroys the Brain

When it comes to illicit substances, few are more dangerous than cocaine. Yet millions of Americans from Los Angeles to the East Coast use this drug, despite its potentially deadly effects and the fact that many require the assistance of drug rehab in order to overcome their cocaine addiction. One area where cocaine has a […]

Helping Your Addicted Child

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate against race, class or age. Furthermore, underage drinking and drug abuse are on the rise, causing parents in San Diego and across the nation to worry about their children. Parents may discover their children have drug or alcohol problems in various ways. It is rare for a parent […]

Avoiding Negative Influences Post-Rehab

One of the most difficult things for any individual who has gone through drug rehab is returning to the “real world” after successfully completing their rehabilitation program. One of the most serious problems individuals face are the temptations offered by old friends and drug dealers who try to lure them back into their former destructive […]