Mental Health Best Practices During COVID-19

Man coping with Covid Mentality with through Exercise

For the last seven months, people everywhere have been trying to cope with the life-altering reality of a global pandemic. COVID-19 has changed everything from the way we shop to the way we interact with each other. Masks are commonplace, hand sanitizer is the latest accessory, and we’re at home more often than ever.  How […]

Regarding COVID-19

Response to coronavirus covid 19

We understand there are ongoing questions and concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, and how it applies to you and your loved ones here in our program. Our goal is to keep our clients, employees, families and community partners updated and informed on Miramar Recovery’s response as it evolves. We are […]

Comprehensive Guide to Returning Home After Rehab


The biggest test of your sobriety is its sustenance in our daily routine. After 30-90 days of spending time in rehab, you are determined and well-aware of how difficult it is going to be getting back to your everyday life.  There’s fear mixed with hope and a mighty challenge in front of you to rebuild […]

What Drugs do to Your Body

Xanax Detox in Orange County

The sad truth is that drug abuse is very prevalent in our world today. Whether it’s to alter one’s mood or fit in with the crowd, more and more people are using drugs for recreational purposes. Abusing drugs can lead to addiction and often times the only way to escape the grasp of addiction is […]

Study Explains Why Teens are More Prone to Cocaine Addiction

Research shows that developing brains are more responsive to drug-related cues leading experts to conclude that teenagers are more prone to drug abuse than adults. In a study conducted at the McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s largest psychiatric facility, researchers have found that younger brains are more prone to stick to drug-related stimuli. This particular […]

Ads contribute to alcohol consumption of teens

The Department of Media and Communication of the University of Leicester have found links between teenage drinking and advertising. The direct link has not been fully established, but there is very strong evidence that the volume of ads and the volume of alcohol consumption among teens are related. Several factors About one out of two […]

Drug Treatment Approaches: How to Choose

Help for drug dependents is not hard to access nowadays because of the multitude of drug treatment approaches available. Below are some examples of the most common approaches offered by most treatment centers. Scientific therapy One science-based approach to treatment is behavioural therapy, which may include counseling, cognitive and psychotherapy. Another type of approach which […]

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