Drug Rehab

Drug rehab, a colloquial or even slang term for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, refers to the process of treating substance abuse, chemical dependency, and specifically addiction to any form of drug, whether prescribed, controlled, or uncontrolled.  While there are extensive varieties, philosophies, and types of drug rehab, the basic, traditional treatment process involves medical and […]

Drug Rehab Center

A drug rehab center is an addiction treatment facility for those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  The differences between one drug rehab center and another are numerous.  Each drug rehab center is unique in terms of patient makeup, price, treatment specialty, curriculum and philosophy, size, and location and features, among other various considerations. The drug […]

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab is the colloquial or even slang description for alcohol rehabilitation, which refers to the treatment process for alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse.  While there are numerous varieties, locations, sizes, and philosophies, traditional alcohol rehab involves two primary methods of treatment:  1.) medical treatment and, 2.) psychotherapeutic treatment… The alcohol rehab medical component usually […]

Alcohol Rehab Center

Ann alcohol rehab center is a chemical addiction treatment facility to treat those addicted alcohol and other drugs.  The differences between one alcohol rehab center and another are various and numerous.  Every alcohol rehab center is unique in terms of patient makeup, price, treatment specialty, curriculum and philosophy, size, and location and services and amenities […]

Dual diagnosis

The term dual diagnosis describes a condition in which one or more psychiatric illness is present, along with the concurrent presence of substance abuse.  Dual diagnosis is not synonymous with co-occurring disorders, which are one or more psychiatric conditions that may/may not be accompanied by substance abuse.  Dual diagnosis is a common condition among drug […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is indicated when substance abuse occurs with the additional presence of concurrent psychiatric disorders.  These mental health disorders typically include one or more of the following:  depression, anxiety, compulsive and/or obsessive behaviors, among others. There is often confusion and, unfortunately, misinformation promulgated regarding the similarities and/or differences between co-occurring disorders and dual […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

A dual diagnosis treatment center is a substance abuse and mental health treatment setting, wherein patients with dual diagnoses are treated.  Patients who suffer from substance abuse, while suffering from psychiatric issues, at the same time are appropriate patients for a dual diagnosis treatment center. Attending a dual diagnosis treatment center, rather than just a […]

Dual diagnosis rehab

Dual diagnosis rehab centers provide treatment for those suffering from dual diagnosis conditions, which is defined as psychiatric issues combined with substance abuse.  Individuals suffering from dual disorders not only suffer from mental disorders that require immediate psychological help, but they are also suffering from substance abuse, which can cause deleterious effects. The psychiatric issues […]

Dual diagnosis rehab centers

Dual diagnosis rehab centers treat psychiatric illnesses, accompanied by substance abuse issues.  Treatment at dual diagnosis rehab centers should address the mental health disorders along with the substance abuse issues like alcoholism and/or drug addiction.  The centers that treat dual diagnosis conditions understand that both illnesses have deleterious effects on the psychological, spiritual, social, and […]