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July 31, 2008
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August 8, 2008
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Data Shows that Alcohol Industry is Unreliable

In a recent study conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF), it was found that the drinks industry appears to be deliberately misleading the public as far as the Federal Government’s alcopop tax is concerned. The organization has managed to get hold of data that proves how the alcohol industry has been doing ths. According to ADF CEO John Rogerson, the data proves that the alcohol industry cannot be relied on in terms of helping minimize alcohol-related casualties in the country through more effective campaigns.

According to the data gathered by the ADF through the AC Nielsen, there has been a considerable decrease in alcohol consumption. This manifests an evidence of the positive effects of the alcopop tax policy and is in contrary to the information that the alcohol industry feeds to the public. It appears that AC Nielsen had comprehensive information on this regard and the data was provided to drinks manufacturers and yet the industry seems to have failed to do something about it.

The RTD tax was put in place to make liquor inaccessible to younger people. Logically, when ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages are sold at more expensive prices, young drinkers will not be able to afford the habit. The tax policy was enacted in response to the increase in the number of young drinkers. According to an ABS data, “60% of female drinkers aged 15-17 consumed an RTD in 2007 as compared to the 14% in 2000. Alcopops are also the drink of choice for both male and female binge drinkers aged 14-19.”

Rogerson recommends that the government set up a committee to approve and monitor alcohol advertising because the industry could not longer be trusted. The country cannot depend on the alcohol industry to provide information to the public on alcohol-related issues.

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