Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression is a surprisingly common issue that often feeds into substance abuse. Individuals who suffer from clinical depression often seek to alleviate their sadness with drugs or alcohol (even though alcohol is actually a depressant that triggers many of the symptoms of depression).

Many individuals who need the assistance of drug rehab find that their addiction is influenced by depression, making an already severe problem even more problematic. Those who suffer from clinical depression are more susceptible to the physical and emotional harm caused by addictive substances. As they attempt to escape intense negative emotions through drugs or alcohol, their depression can make addiction even more intense, and vice versa.

When an individual suffers from clinical depression, standard drug rehab treatments are typically not enough to help them conquer their problems. At Miramar Recovery Centers, we offer a dual diagnosis program designed to help treat individuals whose addiction is fueled by depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Each client’s situation is evaluated by psychiatrists and psychologists, who are able to determine ways to customize an individual’s treatment in order to best combat both the addiction itself as well as the underlying depression that fuels the addiction. Through personal treatment that confronts both issues, individuals can succeed in finding new opportunities for their lives.


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