Detox Center

Detox is an essential part of drug or alcohol addiction treatment. It is a process that entails flushing out all the harmful chemicals and toxins that have accumulated over a long period of substance abuse. Detoxification procedures are typically handled by trained healthcare professionals and licensed physicians who specialize in substance abuse treatment. This is mainly because the processes involved can give rise to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that will warrant immediate medical attention as they happen.

Natural Body Process:

Chemical detox is a natural body function. Various organs in the body are designed to get rid of waste materials from the system. The liver, for instance, filters out toxic substances from drugs and medications that the individual takes in and breaks them down into less toxic forms that can be purged from the body later on. Detoxification naturally happens as a defense mechanism against poisons that enter the body.

In a rehab facility, detoxification usually includes completely hindering the individual's access to the addictive substances. This is not a matter of gradually minimizing the supply of drugs but more like an expectation to quit cold turkey. The problem with abruptly quitting a habit, however, is that you're there's going to be a lot of difficulty getting the body to grow used to the change.


The main reason why it is important for detox from drug and/or alcohol to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional is because of the withdrawal symptoms. These conditions arise as the body's reaction to being deprived of a certain level of drugs in the system. Because of prolonged substance use, the individual's system has grown used to the presence of drugs up to a point when drugs have been perceived as natural and essential to its smooth function. Depriving a drug dependent of his daily supply of drugs is similar to keeping food away from a hungry person. His body ceases to function properly because he doesn't have the substances that it thinks it needs to do so.

Withdrawal symptoms can differ in gravity. There are people who, while undergoing detox, will only feel minor conditions such as chills, fever or headaches. But there are certain individuals, especially those who have been using drugs for a long time, who can experience bouts of psychosis or even life-threatening conditions.

Detox has to be done in the presence of a medical professional. Miramar Recovery Center is staffed by trained healthcare providers who are always ready to attend to the client's specific concerns to help him cope with painful withdrawal during recovery from addiction. For inquiries, contact us through this website today.

Alcohol Detox

Complete alcohol detox is a vital element of any long-term alcohol addiction rehabilitation program.
While an individual is undergoing alcohol detox, the supervising physician often prescribes some medications to ease withdrawal symptoms — known as “Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.” These symptoms are typically mild, when managed by an experienced alcohol detox physician. More severe, less common symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, anxiety and insomnia, hallucinations, intense sweating, hand tremors, and even seizures.

Alcohol detox should never be attempted, except under the supervision of a qualified physician, as symptoms can be severe and even fatal. It is essential that an alcohol detox program is carefully planned and that individuals undergoing detox treatment are constantly monitored by professionals. Safety and comfort are of paramount importance in this initial step to recovery.

Miramar Recovery’s highly trained staff is expert at easing the discomfort of the detox process, while ensuring effective treatment.
Miramar Recovery Center offers clients a safe, controlled and comfortable environment in which to undergo alcohol detox. Each client’s alcohol detox program is tailor-made based on personal factors including age, level of dependency, and any underlying medical issues that may be present. Once the personalized detoxification program is in place, each client’s withdrawal symptoms are carefully monitored for unusual or dangerous signs. The residential-style alcohol detox treatment we offer helps to ease clients gradually into the treatment process.

Alcohol detox is almost always a necessary step for clients who have developed a physical dependency on alcohol. In order to become physically dependent, an individual must consume large volumes of alcohol on a regular basis. Regular drinking creates an unnatural tolerance, which further drives the addict to drink even larger amounts of alcohol more frequently.

Alcohol-dependent individuals can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms whenever alcohol is not present in their blood. It can be hard for outsiders to detect this level of alcoholism, since the addict exhibits fewer of the obvious behavioral signs of drinking — due to their increased tolerance — and can often function in a seemingly normal manner. Meanwhile, the addict’s body continues to be ravaged by the onslaught of substance abuse. Such heavy drinking can lead to conditions like hepatitis and advanced liver disease.

Addicts suffer not only from the physical affects of alcohol abuse, but also from the psychological dependence on alcohol, which is addressed during the primary treatment phase.

Drug Detox

A State licensed drug and alcohol detox facility can safely and competently provide full alcohol detox and drug detox in an appropriate setting. Miramar Recovery Center is fully licensed by the State of California for on-site substance abuse detoxification. The Miramar Recovery drug and alcohol detox facility utilizes the services of three licensed, highly experienced, independent physicians, who manage and monitor drug detox and alcohol detox for clients who need to go through the detoxification process before beginning primary treatment. Our experienced drug detox staff includes a psychiatrist, an addictionologist, as well as an internist, all of whom specialize in drug and alcohol detox.

Detox Process:

The first stage in our drug detox and alcohol detox program is assessing and evaluating our clients through a comprehensive medical history and physical. This assessment may includes lab work, when indicated, to determine other health concerns that can be affected through drug and alcohol detox.

For dual diagnosis patients, our consulting psychiatrist can complete a comprehensive psychiatric assessment, as well. Our psychiatrist can also initiate and manage the detox process, as well as medication management.

Detox periods and withdrawal symptoms vary from client to client from a few to several days, depending on the nature and seriousness of the addiction and the substances present in the system. The vast majority of clients respond extremely well to our detox protocol and most begin to participate in primary treatment and undertake adjunct activities while they are still undergoing drug or alcohol detox.

Detox Accommodations:

The accommodations at Miramar Recovery are among the most luxurious available in the industry. Our clients relax in absolute comfort and quiet during their detox period. We provide both private and semi-private rooms. Each of the rooms also has an en-suite bathroom for privacy and convenience.

In addition to our detox physicians, we employ a 24-hour house staff who is highly trained in detox protocols. They frequently monitor the status of the patient, monitoring vital signs and communicating with the physicians, as well as attending to the physical comfort of the patients.

And our in-house chefs provide clients with soothing, comfortable food and beverages, thus ensuring clients maintain proper nutrition and full hydration for their maximum comfort during drug and detox.

In short, we provide the most safe, effective, and comfortable detoxification process and surroundings possible for our clients.