Do You Need Drug Rehab for Marijuana Misuse?

The debate over whether or not marijuana is actually an addictive substance seems to be never-ending. Proponents of marijuana argue that it does not generate a physical dependence like alcohol or cocaine, while others point to the detrimental effect of marijuana use on teens and others, including psychological dependence that causes many to enter drug rehab centers.

A look at the statistics reveals that while many proponents of marijuana’s legalization argue that the drug is not addictive at all, others in Los Angeles and across the nation have developed a dependence to the drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that nine percent of marijuana users develop a substance dependence, making up 4.2 million of the nearly 7 million Americans who are addicted to illegal drugs.

These numbers are hardly insignificant and clearly indicate that for many, drug rehab centers are needed in order to overcome an addiction to marijuana. This is especially true as the amount of THC in marijuana continues to rise.

Individuals in Los Angeles and elsewhere who abuse marijuana often experience a variety of negative effects—especially younger users whose brains are still developing. The mental side effects, as well as the presence of withdrawal symptoms that include irritability, difficulty sleeping and other physical concerns make it clear that for many, rehab is a necessary step in overcoming marijuana dependence.


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