Does Binge Drinking Wire the Brain for Alcoholism?

There are many unhealthy drinking habits that people from San Jose, Calif. to the East Coast engage in on a regular basis. And there are perhaps few habits more dangerous—or more likely to eventually land users in alcohol rehab centers—than binge drinking. And while potential hazards such as drunk driving or alcohol poisoning are relatively common knowledge, science has further cemented in another reason to avoid the habit: increased risk for alcoholism.

Scientific American recently reported on the new research that discovered that binge drinking increases the likelihood of chronic alcohol abuse. As per the research, “after binge drinking, neurons in brain circuits responsible for alcohol addiction become encased in a protein material…the impenetrable coating cements neurons involved in alcohol addiction into a circuit that is extremely difficult to break.”

While these changes are clear indicators that those who regularly engage in binge drinking are more likely to develop a dependence to alcohol, scientists are also encouraged by some of their findings. Scientists believe that protein inhibitors may be able to help individuals back off from their binge drinking habits—a welcome possibility that would no doubt assist in treatment at many alcohol rehab centers.

Only time will tell if a new drug will be able to help alcoholics in San Jose and across the nation, but if nothing else, the research has further proven the dangers of binge drinking.


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