Drug Abuse Poses a Lot of Health Risks

According to research, drug abuse and addiction can cause a lot of health problems in every part of your body. Drugs are known to affect moods and feelings, judgment, memory, and learning. But aside from the negative effects of these substances on the brain, they can also aggravate various health conditions such as cancer, lung and heart disease, liver functions, pre-existing mental problems and even infections diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis. One can experience some of the aforementioned negative effects through prolonged intake of drugs but you are still bound to suffer from some of them after using drugs once.
Smoking promotes premature skin aging aside from increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Inhalants can spread toxins all over the body so that they cause various damages on the ears, liver, bone marrow and kidney. Methamphetamine use can lead to damage in the cardiac muscles, increased heart rate and convulsions. The drug can also destroy your gums and mouth. Studies show that cocaine is associated to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. It also makes the body more susceptible to infections diseases.
“Nearly one-third of reported AIDS cases have been linked to injection drug use – heroin, cocaine or any drug that abusers inject.” Infectious diseases are transmitted through needle sharing but this is not the only way. Drug abuse can impair one’s judgment and ability to make sound decisions so those who use drugs are more apt to engage in irresponsible sexual activity that can contribute to the spread of HIV.
Mental health
Drug use may aggravate an existing mental problem or it can give rise to the development of one. More than fifty percent of drug addicts are also suffering from some form of mental disorder. This may happen either at the same time as the addiction or later in their lives. This is because drugs can affect the same areas of the brain that are associated with these disorders. Various studies have already shown that chronic drug use can lead to aggression, paranoia, depression and hallucinations.
Cigarette smoking causes over 400,000 deaths in the United States every year. The habit can lead to cardiovascular disorders and lung cancer among others. Addiction to cigarettes can be attributed to nicotine – a substance found in tobacco-based products.
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