Drug Rehab—An Individual Process

Every individual is unique, as is every addiction. As a result, the form of drug rehab that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. This is why it is of vital importance for rehab specialists to know how to adapt treatment for the specific needs of each individual.

Because of this, our approach at Miramar Recovery Centers is to use a highly individualized treatment for each of our clients. Individual therapy sessions are conducted several times a week to help individuals resolve the underlying issues related to their addiction. A wide range of activities and other treatment options are also provided that help individuals find ways to destress and replace destructive habits with healthy options.

Other options provided include a dual diagnosis program for those whose addictions are coupled with a psychiatric condition such as anxiety, PTSD or compulsive behavior. These conditions require a different approach than traditional drug rehab. By combining individual and small group therapy sessions, every person’s unique needs are better understood and met.

We also recognize that many individuals seek a spiritual aspect to their recovery. To meet these needs, we also offer Christian and Spiritual emphases for those who so desire. The wide range of options and personalized care help ensure that each individual receives the attention and form of treatment that will best help them on the road to recovery.


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