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Finding Treatment for a Drug Addiction In San Diego


One of the hardest parts of overcoming drug addiction is admitting that you have a problem, and going to a drug rehab center. The fact that you have found this website is proof that you have the awareness and the humility to acknowledge that you need help. Drugs are highly addictive, and becoming sober is a long and challenging road, but with help from a profession rehab center like Miramar, you absolutely can come out the other side a healthier, drug-free person. At Miramar, we focus on not only detoxification from drugs, but on the emotional triggers that cause a person to become addicted in the first place.

Miramar Drug Rehab Center Is Here To Help

Drugs are built to become addictive, so it is no surprise that they are extremely difficult to stop using. Many drugs are so addictive that trying them just once leads to addiction. If you have a drug addiction, it is not a sign of weakness – these substances have been purposefully engineered to make your body crave them. You may have begun using because you loved the feeling you got when you were high, but over time people find that they need the drugs just to avoid feeling miserable or even in pain. We recognize the incredibly addictive nature of drugs and have helped countless people to detoxify.

The detoxification process in our drug rehab center can take up to a week, and often involves significant physical symptoms. You might experience cold sweats, aches and pains, depression, and other symptoms. Generally, the symptoms of withdrawal are similar to those of a bad flu – it will not be comfortable, but it is absolutely something that you can handle. The doctors and other professionals on our staff have helped many people through the withdrawal period and are able to ensure you get plenty of nutrition and support during this time. After this week, you will no longer experience physical withdrawal symptoms from the drug.

Of course, the physical symptoms of withdrawal are not the only thing that can drive a person back to drug use. Many cases of relapse happen due to emotional or social triggers. Most people do not intentionally become drug users – they try them because they spend time in a social group where drug use is common. People also can turn to drugs in times of emotional trauma. When a person is experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders, drugs can feel like a way to alleviate the pain.

We Understand How Hard Drug Addiction Treatment Can Be


We recognize these emotional and social triggers as one of the most important causes of drug use. That’s why we offer extensive therapy to every patient in our rehab centers. We aim to help you identify the triggers for drug use and then develop coping strategies that do not involve drug use. This might be techniques like journaling, or encouragement to pick up new hobbies and spend time with people who do not use drugs. By treating the root causes of drug use, we help people develop the skills they need to stay sober long after they leave our rehab center.

We offer drug addiction rehab in San Diego so that you can stay connected with your family. San Diego can feel like a city where everyone is always happy – it’s a vacation spot, with beautiful weather and sandy beaches and great food. That can make it a lovely place to live, but it can also make it a difficult place to be struggling since it seems like everyone else is always happy. We recognize the challenge of being in a dark personal place when it seems like everyone around you is always enjoying themselves. At our San Diego rehab center, you’ll be around people who recognize your illness and are here to help you move through it.

If you are looking for a drug addiction treatment center in San Diego, Miramar is an excellent option. We are staffed by highly trained professionals, who have helped countless people work through and overcome their addictions. We can treat both the physical symptoms of drug use and withdrawal, as well as the more difficult emotional triggers. At Miramar, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Overcoming drug addiction is a long road, and it is not easy. But, with hard work and the support of our professional team, you can do it. We will give you the tools that you need in order to stay sober long after you leave our treatment center. Give us a call today to talk with one of our counselors and see if Miramar drug rehab centers in San Diego is the right place for you.

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