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Understanding Drug Addiction and How to Treat It


Drug addiction is something that every family had had some exposure to - we all have some familiarity with the destruction that drug abuse can do to a person, professionally and personally. Living in the high movement area of Los Angeles, the stressors of everyday life can sometimes lead to exposure to substances that can cause addictive behaviors. This can be anything from prescription medications to street drugs - the throws of addiction can strike with any level of chemical.

Whether thought to be used for leisure or prescribed medication that leads to a dependency that spiraled out of control, everyone and anyone can become an addict whether predisposed to addiction or not. The key to beating the addiction is having the ability to recognize the problem and seek out the assistance to combat the issue full force.

Addiction is More than Its Drug

Drug addiction treatment in most cases is not just a singular issue - it normally. Involves many underlying issues that led to the addictive behaviors, like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other emotional issues that thrive off of the substance dependency. When entering treatment, it is important to find a treatment center that understands the multifaceted dynamic of substance abuse and how to create an integrated treatment plan to treat the entire person - not just the singular issue of the substance abuse. At our center, we commit to doing everything we can to put our clients back on the road to living a fruitful life as they continue their roads to recovery.

Understanding drug addiction is a very complex thing. The path of recovery can have varying routes of difficulty, dependent on commitment and the effects of drug addiction on your physical body. Dependent on the degree of drug dependency that a person is in, there can be residual damage to the nervous system in the body, which can cause complications that detoxification will not solve on its own. Working with trained professionals that can assist in diagnosing these complications can assist in establishing an understanding of what life will be after the recovery process begins.

One of the initial steps in our recovery process also involves detoxification. This is where we lead you through the process of ridding the body of the existence of the abused drug in your body. Our trained professionals are medically certified to administer the treatments that can assist in detoxification. This can be a range of different treatments, dependent on the chemical that the body is addicted to.

As we work through the process of getting the chemical out of the body, it also gives the body the chance to get some much-needed rest that has been restricted from it in the addiction process. Allowing our clients to have a clean slate to actually focus on recovery and be clean of the chemical dependency is where we attempt to start when engaging tin the treatment process.

Los Angeles Based Treatment Plans


From detoxification, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to provide a roadmap for what will happen during the recovery process. This sets the expectation of what processes the client will go through as they engage in our drug addiction treatment. This can include many different things, from one-on-one therapy to family therapy, and can take on a traditional medicine or a more holistic approach.

Some drug addiction treatment options available include meditation, acupuncture, yoga and other alternative forms of rehab that differ from western approaches. Along with that, we provide activities that give our clients the ability to engage in healthy alternatives to addiction. This can include beach activities, hiking exercise, art, and many other options to engage the senses and provide alternatives to when being triggered by external factors that could lead to relapse. Our program is tested and we believe it to be the best program around for leading people to seeing their better selves outside of addiction and giving them the focus and desire to want to continue to live an addiction-free life,

In the confines of inpatient treatment, the triggers that people will have to face in everyday life are sealed out. What is important in our drug rehab centers is that a plan is set forth that will give people the tools to be able succeed outside of the inpatient treatment walls. With us, we engage in comprehensive discharge planning where we set up outpatient therapy and provide assistance in locating resources that can keep our clients on the right path.This can involve group therapy resources, medication management if applicable and various other things that will put our clients on the path to maintaining sobriety and continuing to live their lives as their best selves.

Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you find yourself struggling with addiction? Do you need help getting started on your path to recovery? Let us be there to help you begin taking back your life from drug addiction and getting back to freedom with our drug rehab center and treatment programs.

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