Dual diagnosis rehab centers

Dual diagnosis rehab centers treat psychiatric illnesses, accompanied by substance abuse issues.  Treatment at dual diagnosis rehab centers should address the mental health disorders along with the substance abuse issues like alcoholism and/or drug addiction.  The centers that treat dual diagnosis conditions understand that both illnesses have deleterious effects on the psychological, spiritual, social, and physical well-being.
Diagnosing two illnesses
A person diagnosed with dual disorders is affected by two or more conditions that are different but interrelated.  Treatment at dual diagnosis rehab centers addresses the symptoms of illnesses identified by the treatment providers in order to devise a unique treatment program that addresses those conditions.  As multiple illnesses are present, the symptoms may and commonly do overlap contributing to the complexity of treatment.
The goal of dual diagnosis rehab centers is overcome the substance abuse issues and properly manage, and ideally overcome, the mental health issues.  Treatment requires time and significant commitment on the part of the patient and the treatment provider at dual diagnosis rehab centers.  If all conditions are not discovered and address, relapse is very likely.
Finding the right dual diagnosis rehab centers
Dual diagnosis is a complex illness that requires proper care and attention from appropriately trained and experienced health care professionals.  Families and patients, themselves, are advised to carefully select only dual diagnosis rehab centers that provide all of the necessary treatment services required to achieve symptomatic relief and management of the conditions.  A comfortable, safe, and conducive environment is a significant aid in promoting wellness and healing.
Dual diagnosis Miramar Recovery Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center is located at Laguna Beach. It is a facility that provides rehabilitation programs for clients suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism. We are fully licensed by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs of the State of California to provide chemical dependency rehabilitation and detoxification for our patients. To ensure that our clients are getting the best quality of treatment from medical professionals, our staff members are all certified, licensed, and accredited. Our medical expertise allows us to treat co-occurring issues that have been caused by drug or alcohol addiction.


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