Dual diagnosis rehab

Dual diagnosis rehab centers provide treatment for those suffering from dual diagnosis conditions, which is defined as psychiatric issues combined with substance abuse.  Individuals suffering from dual disorders not only suffer from mental disorders that require immediate psychological help, but they are also suffering from substance abuse, which can cause deleterious effects.
The psychiatric issues commonly associated with dual diagnosis are depression, mania, bi- bipolar disorder, eating disorders, ADHD, compulsive /obsessive behaviors, and others.  These issues are common amongst the substance abusing population.  Symptoms of dual diagnosis often present in the early 20s or even earlier, when individuals are prone to become addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, due to emotional problems or peer pressure.
Bi-polar disorder is a mental health condition that is commonly associated with substance abuse. In fact, as much as 30% of drug dependents have symptoms of bipolar disorder.
The majority of dual diagnosis rehab programs follows a therapy-based model of treatment, along with a 12–step program.  Therapy-based approaches include extensive individual therapy, small group therapy, family therapy, and other complimentary therapies.
12-step modalities include the following and are proven to be useful in managing the addictive behavioral aspect of dual diagnosis:

  • Admitting powerlessness over dual disorder
  • Recognizing that higher power will be the source of healing
  • Making a personal decision to recover
  • Soul searching and deep reflection on the person’s end
  • Admitting faults and limitations as humans and surrendering to a Higher Power
  • Repenting
  • Asking for strength for recovery
  • Making a list of people harmed and hurt during the process of healing
  • Making amends to people hurt and harmed
  • Recognizing dual recovery and fixing personal relationships
  • Constantly praying and meditating
  • Spiritual awakening

Good dual diagnosis rehab programs integrate treatment that addresses the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of the individual.  Medication management of the commonly prescribed psychotropic medications that minimize the symptoms of psychiatric conditions is a critical component in the dual diagnosis rehab treatment process.


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