Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

A dual diagnosis treatment center is a substance abuse and mental health treatment setting, wherein patients with dual diagnoses are treated.  Patients who suffer from substance abuse, while suffering from psychiatric issues, at the same time are appropriate patients for a dual diagnosis treatment center.
Attending a dual diagnosis treatment center, rather than just a traditional substance abuse treatment program is critical for patients with mental health issues, who have an extremely high rate of failure when they are treated for the substance abuse issues only.
Psychiatric patients, patients who suffer from psychiatric disorders, such as depression, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, compulsive/obsessive behaviors, PTSD, among others, are especially prone to developing chemical dependency.  Often, they use drugs and/or alcohol for the same reasons as people without a mental illness, but unlike classic substance abusers, dual diagnosis patients are often much more sensitive to the negative effects of alcohol and drugs and to addiction, due to the attendant psychiatric conditions.
One of every two people in the U.S., diagnosed with a severe mental illness, is a substance abuser, as well, which is an amazingly high ratio.
Patients who are treated in an appropriate dual diagnosis setting are able to achieve full recovery, when they attend a dual diagnosis treatment center, where qualified staff and proven treatment methods are presented and followed by the patients.
Dual diagnosis treatment is often longer in duration and more complex than that for traditional chemical addiction treatment, due to the added complexity of the mental health deterioration.
The odds of recovery from dual diagnosis improve greatly when patients receive appropriate dual diagnosis treatment, which involves treatment for psychiatric disorders, as well as for chemical dependency from the same clinician or clinical team of experts in an environment wherein they can comfortably and safely focus on the two matters, concurrently.


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