Family Intervention

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment works! You or a loved one can be freed from addictive behavior forever, living the productive, joyful life you deserve,we are part of this process every day at Miramar.

That said, taking the first step and entering a quality treatment program can be daunting. Misconceptions about addiction treatment or just the unknown is often an impediment to getting help.

 As you've most likely experienced, confrontations, threats, and arguments are usually very ineffective in getting a loved one to agree to receive treatment. And, unfortunately, friends, professional colleagues, or clergy are not treatment professionals and they typically do not fully understand the treatment process, as they are not in the addiction treatment business.

Professional interventionists understand what all that is required and how best to facilitate the treatment process. Trained interventionists work with families and loved ones to educate them about the treatment process. They help to relieve close family or friends of the burden of trying to get a loved one into a program.

An intervention presents the true realities of his or her addicted situation to the addict in such a way that he or she is open to getting help. Interventions are invitations to receive help, not confrontations. An intervention is often the most caring, non-judgmental, and successful method for helping people accept addiction treatment. A quality, effective intervention is done with love and respect in a non-confrontational manner.

Because of the nature of addiction, you and your loved one may only have one opportunity to successfully commence treatment.

The intervention process works,it is proven success time and time again. Interventionists can accomplish what the most loving, concerned family and friends and associates cannot accomplish.

At Miramar, we work in conjunction with several interventionists who are the best in the entire field. They're success rate is almost 100% in terms of getting the addict into treatment.

Please contact us now to discuss the intervention process and put in communication with an interventionist who can truly change your life for the better, today!

Workplace Intervention

An executive intervention is performed much like a 'family intervention, but it is geared towards executives and other business professionals, who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Many successful businessmen and women possess strong, sometimes addictive personalities. We understand the executive mentality with all of its strengths ... and potential weaknesses.

Our executive interventions for professionals are vital to companies that rely on the productive performance of their work force, at every level. In many unfortunate instances, executives with drug, alcohol, and other addictions can become more of a liability, than the fine asset they once were.

The intervention process for executive intervention typically commences with an inquiry contact from the firm or company who realizes a need for an intervention and wants to understand what measures and processes are necessary to help someone in their firm or group who suffers from chemical addiction. Our goal is to increase the productivity and enhance the health of a company and its members through decisive and immediate intervention and care services.

As in family interventions, often times in a professional environment, there are concerns that the addicted executive may respond negatively or possibly seek other employment, as a result of the confrontation and general intervention process. Experience has evidenced that such a scenario does not typically occur. While there is often initial discomfort and even some resistance, when conducted appropriately and professionally the executive intervention dramatically improves and often even saves the life of the executive addict, as well as benefiting the company or firm in large measure.

We are dedicated to the process of the executive intervention because we have seen it succeed over and over again. Our success in helping the addicted individual within an organization saves the individual, firstly, but also saves time, money and the valuable resources of the company or firm, as well.

If someone in your workplace has a problem with any addiction from drugs to alcohol, gambling or another addiction, please contact us today to learn more.

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