Family Program


Alcoholism and drug addiction are commonly referred to as “family diseases” because of their profoundly negative effect on the entire family and others concerned about the addict. Family members and loved ones struggle to help and support, while witnessing their loved one continue down the path of self-destruction – a devastating process.

Feelings of helplessness, despair, anxiety, and even anger about the damage that addiction has caused are common, and justified.

The involvement, understanding, and support of family and loved ones of one who’s abusing alcohol or drugs is critical for lasting healing to be achieved, as so often substance abuse severely damages or even completely severs family and other relationships.

Sadly, the substance abuser remains isolated and alone, even after he or she has sought help and treatment, which can lead to relapse, due to the stress and pain caused by unresolved familial issues.

A major component of every quality treatment program is the reparation of damaged or severed relationships, restoring to the extent possible highly functional and loving bonds and associations.

This is accomplished through family education and counseling, both with the substance abuser and separately.

Included in our treatment program are weekly family education and counseling sessions, wherein family and loved ones become educated on substance abuse and related issues:

  • Enabling behaviors
  • Family dynamics
  • Addiction education
  • Interactive patterns
  • Sober/social support
  • Relapse prevention signs/symptoms

Our Family Program is designed to help family members gain awareness and understanding, so that they can learn how to best support their loved one – and manage and improve their own lives, as well.

We have preferential relationships with local hotels to assist in accommodations for the loved ones of our clients, in order to facilitate attendance at our family program or we can conduct these sessions by Skype or phone.

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