Fatal effect of crack cocaine on unborn fetus

The instances of drug abuse are on the rise. Of late this has also engulfed pregnant women who, under the grasp of these harmful drugs are unaware of the grave threat to the unborn child. Out of the various drug addictions, cocaine addiction is the most dangerous and harmful. Crack cocaine is a solid form of cocaine and does not emit smoke. It is formed by mixing powdered cocaine with baking soda or ammonia. It has become very popular among drug addicts as it is cheap however; it is also the most addictive form of drug. As soon as it enters your body you feel a gush of euphoria which lasts for a short while. This makes you not only psychologically but also physically addicted to it. This form of cocaine poses a great threat on the unborn fetus when the pregnant woman consumes it. Luckily, with the help of drug rehab program, you can make a difference.
When a pregnant woman consumes crack cocaine, not only does it harm the mother, but also the child at large. It generally happens that such women are so much addicted to the cocaine that it becomes the priority, overshadowing the needs of the unborn child. Ultimately the fetus does not get the necessities, instead is surrounded by toxins, through cocaine consumption. When crack cocaine enters the fetus it is more harmful as it takes more time to get broken down, thereby causing more damage. It restricts the supply of vital and essential nutrients to the fetus thereby causing damage to it. It is noticed that such children have to face a variety of issues ranging from under nutrition, physical deformities, brain damage, mental retardation etc. The life of such children is not only at risk but also under a great deal of trauma.  Imagine coming across a child who is physically challenged due to no fault of his. This can definitely get your brain thinking. There have been instances where the child affected by crack cocaine in the womb has been completely devoid of pain, emotions and other feelings upon birth. In fact we can never be sure about the impact, this can have on a child. There is a lot of research happening in relation to the impact of crack cocaine on unborn fetus however, the full effects of the damage may never be known. The problem of cocaine consumption has become a growing concern in the U.S.  According to a research, around 10 percent of babies born in America are affected by the consumption of crack cocaine by the mother during pregnancy. Hence, it becomes prudent that we understand the ill effects of drugs in order to give a useful life to the child.
When you know that this problem encompasses the entire society, is there a solution to this? The answer might have been no if this was asked a few years back, however now it has become possible to curb this problem. If you know somebody who is a victim of cocaine abuse and want your near and dear ones to have a healthy child, go ahead and suggest them about drug rehab program which is offered by various alcohol treatment center. Your little bit of care can really make a big difference.


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