FDA Approves New Nasal Spray to Combat Drug Overdoses

“We cannot stand by while Americans are dying,” said Dr Stephen Ostroff, acting commissioner of the FDA in a recent press release. In a bid to help drug rehab centers and law enforcement agencies in the battle against lethal overdoses, the FDA recently approved a quick-acting naxalone nasal spray. Rehabilitation professionals in places like Irvine, Calif. have been calling for a widely available naxalone treatment for many years.

“While naloxone will not solve the underlying problems of the opioid epidemic, we are speeding to review new formulations that will ultimately save lives that might otherwise be lost to drug addiction and overdose,” continued Dr Ostroff. “Combating the opioid abuse epidemic is a top priority for the FDA.”

Opioid drugs, also called narcotics, are derived from the poppy plant. They include opium, morphine and heroin. In recent years, towns like Irvine have seen a disconcerting surge of opioid abuse. Whether bought illegally on the street or legally via prescription, opioids are highly addictive. Overdose statistics are sobering.

Drug overdoses recently became the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Rehab centers are beginning to call the rash of overdose deaths an epidemic. The FDA hopes that the new nasal spray, called Narcon, will save lives and stem the tide of fatal overdoses.


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