Forgiveness and Drug Addiction

Whether in pursuit of recovery with us at Miramar here in Laguna Beach, California or elsewhere, the journey towards a life free of drug addiction is facilitated through one of life’s most difficult endeavors: forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and others, regardless of which side of the drug rehab line you find yourself on, is key to permanent change.
For those who feel a sense of bitterness about the past, often happiness is hard to come by. As opposed to long-lasting joy, an ailing individual’s focus is turned from what’s best for the self and completely directed towards harboring a detrimental grudge. Demonstrated by countless sad situations, the result is usually destructive: substance abuse. Unless forgiveness is earnestly sought out, the darkness of addiction is hard to escape.
True forgiveness is accomplished once feelings of resentment against others cease to exist and life resumes as normal. Simply put, forgiveness is empowering. It’s liberating. Most importantly, however, forgiveness is a decision that only the afflicted have the power to make.
We’ve seen it numerous times here at our drug rehab center in Laguna Beach, California and are certain beyond a shadow of doubt that it will help you or someone you love with addiction recovery.


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