Harvard Medical School Offers Relief from Addiction

Addiction knows no age, social status or educational background. It can affect presidents just as it can cause problems in teenagers. According to previous survey, about 25% of Americans are suffering from nicotine addiction at one point in their lives and more than one out of seven is struggling from drug or alcohol abuse.
A new report presented by the Harvard Medical School offers guidelines about how to break from addiction and start fresh this new year. The report is entitled “Overcoming Addiction: Paths Toward Recovery” and offers steps that can help individuals overcome whatever type of addiction they might have. Here are some of the steps that were provided in the report.
Seek help. There are people who are able to overcome their addiction on their own but there are many who need the advice and support of professionals, peers and other people in the community. Start getting assistance from your own doctor or the community’s health care provider with regards to your addiction.
It’s also helpful to set a date to start quitting. It can be a date that is meaningful to you, such as a birthday, anniversary or any other event.
A change of environment will also be ideal. You want to remove anything that may remind you of your addiction. For instance, to help you quit drinking, throw away alcohol, bottle openers, wine glasses and such.
It’s also a good idea to go through your previous attempts at quitting. Find out which techniques or steps worked and which ones may have contributed to your relapse so you can change accordingly. You will also want to set up a support network. This network may consist of your family, friends and co-workers who will provide you with the encouragement that you need so you can stay in the path to recovery.
Talk to your health care provider. If you’re going through the recovery process on your own, you might as well get some help from a professional to make things easier. There are certain medications that can help you go through the withdrawal symptoms, for instance, so you have greater chances for a successful recovery.
“Overcoming Addiction: Paths Toward Recovery” is offered by the Harvard Health Publications of the Harvard Medical School. Interested individuals may also order a copy online through the school’s official website.
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