Helping Your Addicted Child

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate against race, class or age. Furthermore, underage drinking and drug abuse are on the rise, causing parents in San Diego and across the nation to worry about their children.

Parents may discover their children have drug or alcohol problems in various ways. It is rare for a parent to find their child in the act of using a specific substance because youth generally engage in these substances when they’re not at home. However, frequently, staying out for extended periods of time, avoiding eye contact, and avoiding social events are obvious signs of addiction. 

If you think that your teen is addicted, reach out. As a parent, you know when your loved ones are not OK, and it’s important to protect the ones you love, especially your children. Don’t let them lie, as challenging as that may be. Neglecting to do so will only let them continue using.

Depending on their vice, the process of confrontation can be highly difficult for all parties. Regardless, be stubborn, but also be sympathetic. Ultimately, you want to help them attend rehab and get healthy. 

Here at Miramar, we take pride in providing a well-rounded rehab experience that caters specifically to different age groups and backgrounds of users in San Diego and across the nation.

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