Heroin Usage Increasing Fast Among Drug Users

Heroin may be the least-used drug compared to meth, marijuana, prescription medications and cocaine, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way for long. According to the National Heroin Threat Assessment, heroin is now increasing in usage faster than any other drug.

Between 2007 and 2013, heroin users doubled. With that increase has come the rise in heroin-related deaths from Los Angeles to the East Coast. Less people are seeking out drug rehab and are instead letting their addictions take over.

The DEA attributes this rise in heroin use to an increase in controlled prescription drug abuse. Users may start with prescription drugs and then switch over to heroin to experience a more powerful high.

In fact, a recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration study found that four out of five heroin users started by abusing prescription drugs. Heroin also happens to be one of the most addictive drugs, so once users start using, there is likely no end without rehab.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or anywhere else, beware of prescription drug use. Only use what the doctor prescribes and if you find yourself becoming addicted, see a professional immediately. If not, it could lead to the long, hard road of heroin addiction.


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