High-End Affordable Treatment

At Miramar Recovery, we provide the most comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment available.

We are confident that we can help you or a loved one become totally free from addiction and be truly healed .we witness this miracle everyday in our programs!

Our business is healing people from their addictions - and we do it very well, with one of the highest success rates anywhere!

Addiction treatment is expensive. It is expensive for the client and expensive for the treatment provider, especially when it is provided at the highest level in the industry, in terms of comprehensive treatment program, licensed staff, luxurious accommodations, and world-class location, like we provide at Miramar.

In order to make exceptional addiction treatment available to a greater number of those who need help, when we have beds available, we offer them at a subsidized, reduced price-a price that is significantly lower than that of other comparable high-end treatment programs that offer even just a fraction of the services and environment we provide. We do this because we would much rather be healing people and changing lives, than have empty rooms.

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