How Do You Stay Sober in Orange County During a Pandemic?

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Addiction can be an illness of isolation, but the antidote is community. At a time when so much of our lives is spent self-isolating and socially distancing from others, it’s vital to maintain a connection with friends and family, even if it’s done remotely. 

Five ways to stay sober in Orange County during COVID-19

Here are five things you can do to help you stay sober during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Seek out and take part in online recovery resources
    While you may not be able to gather for regular 12-step meetings or hold hands during prayer, there are a variety of virtual recovery resources available to anyone in need.
  2. Schedule daily check-ins with your sponsor
    Make it a point to check in with a trusted sober person, like a sponsor, every day via a phone call, text or DM to help keep your priorities straight or as a reminder that using drugs or alcohol never made situations or emotions better or easier. It’s also important to check in with other people in recovery to make sure they are taking care of themselves and getting the support they need.
  3. Enjoy the great outdoors
    There is no shortage of fun outdoor activities in Orange County that can help you stay sober during a pandemic. It’s important to get outside every day, so why not spend that time getting a little exercise too? Hike through Peter’s Canyon, enjoy Skull Canyon Ziplines or take a solo water bike ride around the Long Beach marina.
  4. Learn something new
    Orange County offers plenty of ways to learn online from home to help you perfect a new skill or enhance your resume with educational classes and certificate courses.
  5. Get curious about Orange County
    Living in Orange County, California, can be helpful to your long-term recovery and health due to the wealth of outdoor activities like hiking/biking trails, water sports and mountain adventures. There are over 1,200 weekly self-help groups, numerous colleges and vocational schools, theme parks, museums, and theaters as well as plenty of volunteer and job opportunities and year-round great weather.

Leaning on your support system and pulling each other in the right direction will help you stay sober in Orange County or wherever you may be. Staying connected to the outside world will help you move forward along your path to recovery during this pandemic. To learn more about available treatment services at Miramar Recovery, please call (949) 691-5036 and speak to one of our experienced admissions coordinators.


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