How Family Involvement Works in Recovery

The disease of drug addiction doesn’t just affect the addict—it also affects the entire family. When someone is in active addiction, he or she may engage in behaviors that are hurtful to family members, such as lying, stealing and using manipulative tactics. Although it can be hard for some family members to be involved in the recovery of an addicted loved one, their involvement is critical. Professionals who work in drug rehab centers from Irvine to the East Coast all agree: family involvement matters.

Family Support Plays a Key Role in Sobriety

Family involvement in an addict’s recovery can be manifested in several ways. In addition to the encouragement that family members provide to a recovering addict, many health professionals within drug rehab centers recommend that family members completely abstain from any substance use in the presence of the recovering individual.

For those who live in heavily populated cities, such as Irvine, professionals recommend that the recovering individual lives with sober family members until he or she is stable enough to resist potential relapse triggers.

When and How to Stage an Intervention

One of the most critical challenges facing addicts today is their reluctance to be admitted to drug rehab centers, specifically within highly populated cities such as Irvine. However, family members can play a key role in motivating addicts to get serious help, whether that it be in an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient center.

One of the most important and beneficial things that family members can do is express their concern for a suffering addict by staging an intervention. Many people who are in active addiction are, unfortunately, in denial. Sometimes, it isn’t until a trusted and caring family member comes forth that an addict may realize his or her need for help.

An intervention should never be staged independent of the advice and/or help of a professional. But with the right tools and approach, a family’s staged intervention can make the difference between life and death.


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