Inpatient Treatment Program

Our Inpatient Treatment Program provides comprehensive treatment services.

Assessment and Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive general medical and detoxification evaluation by our licensed ASAM certified physician – this is an in depth evaluation and assessment to insure appropriate diagnosis and placement
  • Full Psychiatric Evaluation, conducted by our Program Psychiatrist
  • Biological-psychological-social assessment conducted by one of our clinicians
  • Full Addiction Assessment, provided by one of our Program Addiction Specialists

Treatment Plan and Case Management

  • Creation of the Treatment Plan by our Clinical Team – the ‘blueprint’ for the client’s treatment, while he/she is with us.
  • Case Management assignment - manages the client’s Treatment Plan for the entire treatment durantion, modifying it as necessary, at least weekly

Inpatient Treatment Services

  • 2-3 Individual, one-on-on therapy sessions, each week
  • Family and/or loved one therapy sessions each week, when appropriate
  • 2 Small Group Therapy and Counseling Sessions, daily
  • Adjunct Treatment Services (Acupuncture, Massage, Experiential Activities/Therapies, among others) each week
  • Private Study Time, daily
  • Gourmet Dining provided by 2 in-house chefs
  • All transportation
  • Continuing After-Treatment Discharge Plan


  • Exclusive, private residences in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach
  • Maximum of 4-6 clients per residence
  • Gender Separate Residences
  • Luxurious and comfortable healing environments

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